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Automatic Hydraulic Boom Bollards / Rising Bollard

We are a well experienced and established provider of various kinds of automatic hydraulic boom bollards or rising bollard, and vehicle blocking solutions and systems in the state of Qatar.

Our service extend as a supplier, installer and integrator of highly reliable rising security bollards for various business segments in the state of Qatar.
Rising boom bollards are also known as automatic bollards.

They function with Hydraulic technology to go up and down from the surface .Such hydraulic bollards are the major method of controlling the traffic access to highly restricted zones.

This type of automatic vehicle blockers allows you to restrict and control vehicle passage making your places smart and secured.

We have installed such automatic boom bollards in some of the harsh and tough working environments with high profile clients.

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Benefits of Using a Security Bollard

  • Making your space safe and secured
  • Allowing only authorized vehicles
  • Can be controlled with remotes, push buttons
  • Flexibility of usage

How Can We operate an Automatic Rising Boom Bollards?

Boom Bollards can be controlled in many ways. We can control boom bollards with the help of a remote, sensors . This electrically powered bollards , can also be controlled with the use of a push button and smart card readers.

When a trigger is activated, it allows bollards to go inside or come outside of the floor surface.

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Where a Vehicle Blockers are Used?

Usually boom bollards are acting as temporary vehicle blocking solution for security purpose. This will act as security vehicle barrier bollards where ever is required.

This is very robust solution to control entry of an unauthorized vehicles. Access for each vehicle can be set with many input options. This is also called vehicle security barrier.

Our solutions have been installed across many premises of national security interests, and in a variety of malls and commercial business buildings across the state of Qatar.

Our Partnerships with BFT Italy As a Supplier of Hydraulic Bollards in Qatar

We have partnered with Italian boom bollard manufacturer BFT Italy to provide robust and stable Automatic security bollards for all types of companies and firms in Qatar.

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Find out how we apply our systems to your organization!

The boom bollards and Parking space guards can be supported and controlled by various technologies varying from Remote control, RFID cards, Smart Cards and other access control sensors and motors. The techniques of controlling these barriers and bollards can be operated with number keypad entry or designed for an Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), the RFID tag also supports this Continue Reading

Smart Management Readers and Software

Our traffic controlling automatic security boom bollards integrated with access control software is able to support many applications that are able to efficiently control the bollards in a smooth manner that suits the clients demands. The system integration is done using both smart card readers and biometric readers with either remote and push button solutions. Adax is able to integrate Continue Reading

Our Solution offerings for Automatic rising boom bollards and vehicle traffic blocking barrier solutions

Our Security hydraulic boom bollard barriers and motorized vehicle crash bollard Solutions suit various applications for both commercial and residential users. They are ideal for drive ways, parking space, highly secured gates and access control management, these are applicable for vehicle access management and high end security requirements to control traffic and provide an authorized vehicle entry access control system. Continue Reading

Types of Automatic Boom Bollards and Road Blockers available with us

Fully automatic Retractable Parking Bollards

This is an automatic, hydraulically operated bollard for drive ways and pathways that offers superior aesthetics. It has a very high impact resistance made of steel cast & can be controlled by remotes and other sensors.

Semi-Automatic Retractable Parking Bollards

These types of bollards are controlled by motion key setting that can lock and unlock, a simple push will ensure the bollard retracts and sinks into the ground and the bollard is remotely controlled

High Security Boom Blocking Bollards

This is a commercial bollard suitable for high security applications like airports, borders for controlling access with a great impact resistance capacity

Removable Bollards

These are bollards most suited for short term that are convenient, with a turn of a key the bollard can be fixed and removed from the surface

Fixed Bollards

These are permanent cast iron structure fixed in roadways, pathways to control traffic. Usage of these permanent bollards are to act as a road and pavement separator or to keep tress passers away from private/ government property

Parking Slot Reserving Bollards

Hydraulic bollards which are also known as parking reserving system used to reserve private parking facilities, VIP parking spaces, Special parking slots. Originally for both commercial and residential usage


BFT Retractable bollard made of steel with hydraulic pump – certified anti-terrorism

MODEL: XPASS B 275/800C L The Retractable bollard made of steel with hydraulic pump- certified Anti-terrorism hydraulic...

BFT Retractable bollard made of steel with hydraulic pump – certified anti-terrorism
FAAC High Security Automated Bollard

MODEL: J355HA M30-P1 J355HA M30-P1 is the new FAAC high security automated bollard conceived for perimeter security...

FAAC High Security Automated Bollard
FAAC Multi Purpose Automated Bollard

MODEL: J200 The Facc Multi purpose automated bollard J200 series is specificially designed to help restrict authorized...

FAAC Multi Purpose Automated Bollard
CAME Automated high security bollard

MODEL: GENERATION 6 The sixth generation came automated high security bollard of Urbaco's retractable bollards, the result...

CAME Automated high security bollard
Luxor Impact Resistant Illuminated Automated Bollard

MODEL: Luxor Luxor is the ideal answer to the requirements of heavy duty private use and public...

Luxor Impact Resistant Illuminated Automated Bollard
Urbaco Commercial Automated Bollard

MODEL: URBACO TRADITION The Urbaco commercial automated bollard, are composed of four structural elements, the patented Monobloc...

Urbaco Commercial Automated Bollard


At Adax we have provided solutions for high profile clients and some of the most sophisticated solutions using most of the best products from vendors known for quality and set ISO standards in the market. In Qatar, we are one of the renowned company who has a strong market share as a supplier, Integrator and installer of various automatic boom bollards and vehicle traffic road blocking solutions for high security requirements.

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