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We strive in becoming the NO 1 support Team with zero “down time”.


We strive in becoming the NO 1 support Team with zero “down time”.

We strive in becoming the NO 1 support Team with zero “down time”.

We strive in becoming the NO 1 support Team with zero “down time”.


Adax provides technical support that is second to none in the industry with a dedicated team of professional in the support department that consists of support engineers and service professionals made available all day, every day to meet the Client's support needs.

The levels of support service will be determined on conditions of the individual client and the capability of Adax to deliver support service the way best suited for the client in the most efficient method. At Adax we believe in accessing every situation on its own and providing the right support with the right technician the first time, to minimize potential disruptions or delays in ensuring a smooth operation.

Support services we provide are based on the client's requirement of maintenance in their organization and the type of devices that is listed as eligible in the support Package. The support policies we have drafted enables all clients at any level of our service agreement to enjoy several advantages that maximizes the value of their agreed support and the Adax support policies ensures the highest quality of Support provided to the client at all stages during the initial period and after project completion for a fully operational System.

We provide:

“remote support” that will be considered as the first level of our support service, the support engineer will guide the client via a phone or mail to fix the problem at the earliest and this is the fastest method of support, failing to provide sufficient help in this method the support service will be escalated to the next level.
“On Site Support” in which case the technician specialized in the field of the particular issue will visit the site within a couple hours from the time of the first contact.


Unlimited Technical Support

Professional Personal assistance of support 24 * 7 * 365 to resolve issues

Quarterly Preventive Measure

Visits by our support team in quarterly periods to ensure continuous monitoring of the site devices

Toll Free

All clients will be entitled to contact Adax via toll free to eliminate any incurring cost of contact

Dedicated Support Team

Team of support professionals experienced in diversified technical systems

Adax procedure to standardize support services is set in place for clients to understand

How the support services operate
The points of contact for a faster support issues 
Escalation Levels 
Time period at every level of support 
The responsibilities, risks and eligibility for the services provided 

The Support service we provide assures excellence at every step, as we work towards becoming the finest at what we do.

We at Adax ensure the installed system is at its highest level of productivity, every solution requires monitoring and control between periods to increase the efficiency of the solution at the place of installation. Our annual Maintenance services are designed to be proactive than reactive to the requirement of the system. Taking great care of the system with professional help will increase the durability of the product, the productivity of the system and minimize any exposure of a system failure. Professional Maintenance services provided by adax is Operated by a dedicated Support Team specialized in the maintenance of ELV systems covering the complete set of solutions provided by Adax.

The Engineers are trained and certified bym recognized institution in upholding the highest quality of system maintenance, this will result with a complete analysis of the solution at the time of quarterly preventive maintenance checkup. The maintenance reports we provide is a study of your current system, detecting defects, correcting the issues to ensure a perfectly functional system.

The Annual Maintenance is a practice of after sales service, at adax we are working towards becoming one of the most renounced Support Services in the region. We plan on providing a service around the clock utilizing the best skill set with a procedure in place to make sure every support visit is guaranteed to provide optimal assistance to the end user. The extreme weather conditions in the middle east requires a maintenance service above and beyond the standard support to ensure a productive system is in place. Resources added to uplift the support services will directly play an important role in helping achieve a higher standard and productivity levels in our maintenance services.


“maintenance is essential when breakdown is not a choice”


The dedicated supports team works in bringing the best support at the quickest time, our specialization in surveillance solutions, access control and time attendance solutions, the security systems and our expertise in both audiovisual and telecommunication systems demands professionals from specialized fields to be present to ensure a perfect Design, installation and support is provided to the client.



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