Our Network Systems are state of the art systems installed and operated by certified professionals who deliver quality solutions for clients to have an efficient networking solution that connects a productive line of devices within the network ensuring smooth operation supporting all your work stations and personal computers. Our solutions have been successfully installed in Qatar, UAE and other parts of middle east.

Network solutions can be determined as both active and passive components working together in creating an ultimate solution, the use of networking ensures efficiency within the organization however its core product of route of establishing itself as a solution is via the use of an efficient Structured cabling system that ensure that all the components are connected acts as the backbone of a successful network solution.

What is Structured Cabling?
Structured Cabling are the backbone of all business communication, the switches and routers are used in transferring data both voice and video across the required platform. The profitability of the company can improve with an efficient cabling system in place, with reduced business expenses and improved security for the organization. The network solutions we provide are sustainable and produces high quality performance with a fast network that is able to connect various devices and systems to the server. The computers, telephone network, printers, fax machines and other machines within the premises can be connected with the lease level of complexity at a competitive price. The skilled technical engineers are able to install some of the most complex systems and create a powerful network that gives a boast in speed and the capacity to support bandwidth intensive applications.

NETWORK is the BACKBONE of any Modern Business Organization
The backbone of any system or solution is a healthy networking both wired and wireless that is able to connect all the compliances within an organization. Any given criteria will require networking; hence it is the solution that holds every component of technology together. A well-managed network system will be able to assist in creating a variety of applications that works cohesively as a single unit producing a very efficient system that is capable of managing the entire premises. Our solutions at Adax are simple and our professionals are able to provide solutions specifically suited to each individual organization as their setup can be vastly differentiated from the other.

The network solutions will be used for a variety of users and their cabling, products, technicians need to be skilled and trained in implementing a structure that is capable of operate in different conditions, with a variety of products and handle the work load. This requires professionals as Adax to do such tasks to assure you a solution of high quality and durable. Our skilled professionals are certified and trained by CISCO and Oreedoo to assure you a solution nothing short of a perfection.

Adax has a policy to provide only the highest quality products in every solution we provide, solutions that best suits every clients and solutions we trust can deliver the highest performance. The brands we use in our networking are the best products in the market and the cabling we provide is done by professionals certified and trained by the best in the networking industry. The importance of a good networking will be visible with the amount of work load it can handle and the variety of application it can work with.

A network solution that is not ISO standard or industrial standards will only increase your operating cost resulting having to replace them often and create new pathways. A bad network solution can hurt a smooth operation with the inclusion of new products, a high quality solution installation by professionals will have a long life plus ensure a quality in the solution resulting with very minimal maintenance cost plus use a network with a very smooth operating system that provides least work load for the IT professionals at your organization.

A good Network always assures a greater connectivity within the devices and the server with a smoother operation ensuring a happier, faster business operation. In the current circumstances, time is money a faster network well organized and managed will promise a great competitive advantage. The network is able to create a strong platform for communication of both internal and external users of the network. We can assure you a network solution like no other and thereby a strong platform to work on that is the back of any organization depending on technology. The usage of technology in every aspect of our business is increasing every day and network has become a requirement of business around the globe. A good network installed by professionals can only bring greater productivity to the business.

We have the capacity to offer the following Solutions to our clients:
POE Switches & Accessories
Fast Ethernet & Giga Bit Switches
8,16,24 & 48 Ports
Managed & Unmanaged Switches Fiber Switches & Accessories

  • VLAN support to segment the network into logical groups
  • SFP slots to connect switches/devices via Fiber
  • Static routing to connect different networks
  • 10GbE SFP+ Support for Stacking and/or uplink into Server equipment
  • Full command line interface (CLI) for management
  • Single IP Management to manage up to 32 switches
  • Full PoE/PoE+ support to power devices like IP Cameras, VoIP phones
  • Asymmetric VLAN to route between VLANs without a Layer 3 device
  • Dynamic OSPF Routing for IPv4 and IPv6 Networks
  • PIM-SM/DM to Manage Multicast traffic
  • Expansion slot to add up to 8 additional 10GbE ports
  • 8/24 10GbE SFP+ Ports for server and switch consolidation
  • LAN, MAN & WAN
    At Adax we provide service and solution to clients in all magnitudes, using our products and capabilities in producing the desired cliental requirements.

    A network cabling installed in a small area with the likes of a building.

    This covers a larger geographical area than LAN.

    Cabling done via public network by means of leased telecommunication circuits as it covers a relatively much larger area.

    Adax uses the highest quality cabling equipment and standards available to establish an ample telecommunication system. This structure can be used to provide telephone services and to transmit data via a computer network.

    A structured cabling system is designed and installed as per International Organization for Standards (ISO). Data and Voice connectivity plays a vital role in the business communication process. We design, provide, install and test both voice and data communication often using fiber optic cabling and modular connectors. The cabling is done with the use of a central patch panel used as a point of connection for the modular connectors and every phase is independently tested confirming its operation suitability.


    • The Architecture of the installation premises
    • Products used for networking
    • Purpose of the installation
    • Preset and future usage possibilities
    • Current system in place at the installation faculty
    • Client’s requirements with regard to installation
    • Product durability in different conditions

    Standardization of all structured cabling benefits Adax and its clients in the following ways:

    • Uniformity in design and implementation
    • Conformance of Product installation
    • Flexibility to changes as designs are similar
    • Documentation process is complete

    Adax provides clients with structured cabling that can be allocated in three sectors which define a complete solution.

    Entrance Facility:
    This service is providing the means to connect outside service facilities to the premises cabling with the use of appropriate cabling components. A process combining the entrance pathways connection and transition of hardware, circuit protection devices and other cabling to create a connection.

    Backbone Network:
    An established entrance facility will require branching to other locations and this process is called the backbone cabling system. This cabling can be done between buildings, as the purpose of a backbone network is to provide connectivity from the entrance via telecommunication to the end user’s equipment.

    Cabling Connector:
    A device that acts as a link between cables or an equipment to create connectivity. The connector must provide a coupling mechanism for a solution to be established.

    Adax has been a front runner in the installation of network solutions and structured cabling across Doha Qatar, United Arab Emirates and other part of middle east for over the last couple of years. We have hired networking professionals who in turn have installed some of the most sophisticated projects in the area. Our projects in networking has been highly successful and the positive reviews and feedback received has been pivotal in recognizing Adax as a provider of trusted networking solutions. our clients have been dissected across a variety of industries from energy, hospitality, property, transport, public and government organizations and so on. We are here to help provide the most advance network solutions to your organization at the most affordable prices with the highest quality.