If you are in need of a video intercom service that works in all conditions with a very high level of productivity installed by a security reputed business organization who are able to monitor and analyze the surroundings, your safety and the possible treats within the premises, giving you a complete study of the best options available for your organization at the most affordable prices then we at Adax are second to none.

The field of security has been the principle area of specialization for Adax and we have always introduced new Hi-Tech security devices in order to be ahead of our rivals. The introduction of Video Intercom was one such device which enabled to strengthen security and provide more than just protection.

Video Intercom Systems work with controls that give the client not only the ability to know when someone is present outside but to see and communicate with them from a safe distance. Adax is partnered with world class vendors in providing the state of the art technology to ensure a zero breakdown policy of its solutions.

The installation of this service can be integrated with complex and sophisticated systems to meet the demands of the clientís security levels. Adax has worked alongside large diplomatic organizations with some of the highest security levels and ISO standards followed at every stage of implementation to ensure a successful completion.

Wireless Connectivity can be integrated in creating a solution that will best suit the clientís demand.
Resolutions of camera are a preference to customize the resolution to enable a clearer image with quality captures.
System integration of video intercom in creating an efficient solution to extract greater value from the solution.

We install Video Intercoms for IP based Camera Systems and Access Control systems. These solutions are integrated in creating a secured environment that acts as an additional security procedure for high security zones. The solutions can include a variety of applications that will differ for clients and their security levels.

  • Our intercom solutions include call buttons and door release.
  • The video intercom model can be integrated to work with IP Camera that is accessible from any PC or smart phone.
  • Integration with IP based access control systems will strengthen security.

Our Video Intercom for your Organization
The intercom solutions we provide are integrated can be both analog and IP based system and are easy to be installed. Our systems are most suitable for multi building organizations connected with a LAN network. The video intercom system will help provide a complete control of the environment with only authorized entry with their given credentials that will variety and our solutions can be supported by RFID cards, biometrics. The visitors will be controlled and monitored at the time of entry to the organization thatís helps in ensuring a secured premise.

The implementation of video intercom systems is tested at every stage of installation and checked for defaults. Adax also provides after-sales service to ensure the durability of the solution to ensure optimum utilization and improved operation of the product. We are best at the security solutions we provide across Qatar, UAE and other parts on middle east. The surveillance and security solutions we provide are guaranteed to secure your premises and create a safe working environment.