Our telecom systems consist of IP PBX Telephone Solutions and PABX Telecom systems that could improve the level of productivity and the profitability of an organization with the introduction of our Telecom systems has helped to reduce phone bills and create an easier platform for communication within an organization.

Adax can provide IP Telephone solutions that is considered to be the best form of telecom solution in the present era with an easier and cheaper form of communication for organizations that require calls to various regions within an area, a country or to other countries around the world. We use the best products in the market, Cisco and Matrix have been brands trusted and used around the world for IP telecom solutions. At Adax we provide the traditional Analog solutions for companies that acquire and operation that is based locally and need limited telecom services. Hybrid PBX Systems is a combination of both IP and Analogue telecom systems that work in hand creating a solution that best fits and organization that requires an efficient and economical telecom system for their operation.

Our IP PBX telephone solutions have been successfully installed across many locations in Qatar and UAE in recent past with a positive response from our clients with reduce cost and improve efficiency within the organization. we access the current situation of every client taking into consideration of the present telecom system in place, the re-useable products and the possible improvement of the present system in creating a tailor made solution helping the client have a state of the art telecom system. Our operations are not restricted to only Qatar and UAE we have been able to assist installed, integrators, resellers, dealers with extensive sales and technical supports for various IP PBX telecom solutions in other parts of the world.

We are able to provide complex integrations with sophisticated client requirements that might acquire very detailed technical support, our skilled professionals are trained and certified in the field of telecom system operation, hence we are able to create a quality solution in all aspects of our installation. We can install IP Telephone system solutions in multiple sites or in remote locations and create a centralized system that is connected to the main office. This ensures a greater connectivity and an improved telecom solution within an organization.

The solutions Adax provides have been to fit into organizations of various scales and sizes. We have solutions for enterprise level IP PBX systems, Medium level IP PBX Solutions, Small scale IP Telephone System, Convergence Solutions, VOIP gateway solutions which include GSM PRI, BRI gateways, IP Telephone Terminals, Hybrid IP PBX Systems and so on.

Our solutions are cost effective, we guarantee a quality product and service that will be tested, approved at every level of our installation. Our telecom solutions have been part of large successful projects and supported man of the most complex telecommunication requirements. Adax is a well-known provider of IP PBX telephone systems, VOIP gateways in Qatar, UAE and other middle east markets with the likes of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq and other North African Countries.

A Brief on Telecom Solutions
The means of a smooth communication systems both internal and external are vital for any business organization. efficient and effective use of communication will ensure a significant growth in the level of business activities and a smooth flow of communication within the various entities involved in the business, the majority of communications with business organizations are done with the use of telephone systems and telecom solutions.

Traditional telephone systems were initially an end to end telephone terminals with the development of telecommunications and the increased requirements of improved communication systems has created a new market for telecom service with the likes of multi connectivity, multiple users, call conferencing, call transferring, direct telephone number extensions, voice mails boxes, call recording facilities, auto attendance facilities and so much more. The need to cater to these requirements the manufacturers introduced PBX Solutions and PABX systems that controls and configures head end module and telephone terminals. The Private branch Exchange (PBX) has recently become a very important part of the telephone systems in the field of telecom solutions.

The requirement of clients has increased and the dependability on a good quality telecom solution has prompted manufacturer to create solutions that are able to create a smooth communication between customers and employees in remote and distant locations with a hassle free communication solution. The mode of communication in the office can be generated for various levels of calls that could be local, international with the use of both land and mobile phone in which case the calls can be automatically routed from selective outgoing trunks.

We provide a complete range of IP-PBX systems for small, medium and large businesses organizations, based on universal slots architecture, IP-PBXs connects to POTS, GSM, ISDN and VoIP telephony networks. Our multiple trunks connectivity and advance least cost routing enables users to route local calls using POTS, mobile calls using GSM/3G and long distance calls using VoIP trunks. This ensures a reduced telephony bill and the eliminates the possibility of high toll leading to significant savings for the company.

IP Based Telephone Systems and VoIP Solutions
The solution of IP based telephone systems, also known as SIP phones or soft phones uses the technology of Voice over IP (VoIP) that’s a systems of transmitting voice as a data packets using IP Network. The introduction of VoIP and IP Phone has improved features adding value to the Telecom solution with cost savings, productivity gains, increased agility, responsiveness and the flexibility of the solution is very satisfactory as it is able to work with existing network that ensures an improve Return on investments (ROI) plus a solution that I s highly regarded as a “fool proof” technology. The applications on the VoIP Phones and IP Phones may have features that will not be supported by analogue systems is one of the very few drawbacks..

Hardware based IP phone or SIP phone:
A hardware based SIP phone looks like a normal phone. However, it is connected directly to the data network and has an integrated network hub so that they can share the network connection with the computer.
Software based IP phone: they are application based soft phones that give all the features we get out of hardware phones.

Our IP Phones for the Qatar and UAE Markets
Qatar as one of the fastest growing nations in the world and the middle east requires several methods of communication that would smoothen operations and improve productivity. Our partnership with Matrix and other world’s leading telecom vendors ensure our quality of tailor made telecom solutions to our clients. Matrix provides IP telephone, PBX solutions with various advanced features ranging from small segments to enterprises organizations. Adax has been providing telecom solutions within the middle east for an adequate period of time and assisting other installers, integrators and dealers of IP telephone systems in Qatar, UAE and other parts of middle east in providing a stable and robust communication solution to our clients.

One of our IP Telecom solution provides is CISCO as we have been involved in various projects with CISCO in the implementation of an efficient telecom solution for clients with the requirement of efficient and effective telecom solution. As one of the leading brands of telecom solutions in the world we have been able to install CISCO application across projects in Qatar and UAE.
The application of CISCO is considered to be the one of the most reliable telecom solution worldwide, we have used CISCO in our projects that high quality and reliable solutions. The hardware and software applications used have been designed to serve a variety of businesses, to ensure a flexibility in the solutions.
Cisco partners are able to offer cloud-based services that is based on Cisco's virtualized Unified Computing System (UCS). These systems are integrated with the plan of improving the efficiency and productivity level of telecommunication systems within the organization.

Avaya has been recently one of the fastest growing telecom providers with innovative, stylish and provide quality and excellence in their solutions. Their services have been known for their stability and advancement in technology in their telecom solutions, as the progression in the world of technology increases its important that telecom solutions are up to date with their involvement in giving clients with solutions that speak for itself.
Their involvement in Fabric Networking and real time communication has been big developments in their field of work. These guaranty a reliable telecom solution that will help a smooth operation for organization of all size. Their software is highly advanced with smart technology that is able to guide the user in limitless possibilities in creating a unique telecom system within the organization.
Avaya will help conduct your business by creating a seamless engagement experience for your stakeholders that include namely your customers and employees. Irrespective of their locations, devices, or applications, they can have telephony, conferencing, contact center, messaging, video, and integrated communications solutions, all in a flexible platform that will help transform your telecom solutions within your organization.

Matrix PBX Business Systems are able to cope with the modern complex telecom requirements that are becoming a structured and multi process oriented systems. Market require necessary tools for making effective communication for strategic business movements and at Adax we are able to deal with such complex requirements. Many enterprise level companies are looking for reliable telecommunication system or IP PBX telephone system in Qatar and UAE with many of their offices in different locations and remote cities and even in other parts of GCC and they are in need of stable and feature rich IP PBX telephone solutions for cost effective and reliable telecommunication channel. Matrix has developed special Enterprise IP-PBX solution which provides big Entities to get the benefits of IP PBX communication needs. The range offers the flexibility and set of advance features to change as per the evolving needs of dynamic businesses. This empowers employees to work from home, start-up offices and remote locations communication, Multi location unified communication PBX system.

Matrix Eternity LE IP PBX
The Matrix Telecom Gateways Solution Eternity LE IP PBX range system supports hybrid platform that can handle:
128 analog/ Digital trunks
128 GSM ports
32 ISDN BRI ports
24 PRI ports
32 VoIP trunks
1344 analog users
1500 IP users
Making it clearly on of the best IP PBX telecommunication solutions available in the market for enterprise level requirements. The Matrix LE eternity IP PBX is a cost effective and stable enterprise communication solution which provides much advanced IP PBX systems suits for the multi enterprise and multi-location telecommunication requirement for the business world in Qatar and UAE. The LE IP PBX is an ideal telephone system for hotels, colleges, hospitals etc.

Matrix Eternity ME IP PBX
Matrix eternity ME IP PBX range system is able to support:
10 to 999 IP users
Hybrid PBX system supports 128 analog trunks
64GSM / 3G Ports
32 BRI lines
8 PRI lines
32 VoIP trunks
512 analog users
128 digital users and 999 IP users.
This is a stable IP telephone architecture for multi-location telephone requirement.

Matrix Eternity NE IP PBX
Matrix has developed IP PBX solution for small enterprises also, making much efficient phone system for such small and medium sized companies. Majority of the companies are in need of efficient and stable telephone system for small offices. The Matrix NE IP PBX supports 10 to 32 users. This system supports mobility of telephone system, web based management of IP PBX telephone system, VoIP telephony, voice mail and integrated auto attendant solution etc.

We offer IP PBX solution for very small offices called Matrix VISIONPRO, a compact digital PBX for small offices, home offices, restaurants and clinics offering efficient communication and call management. Loaded with value added features, it reduces communication cost, increases productivity and simplifies business processes with efficient call management. Unlike other PBXs in this range, VISONPRO is a PBX built around Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based architecture with built-in single port power fail transfer.

Matrix Navan (Office in Box Solution)
A lot of small temporary offices are being established in every day and such temporary set up need a solution which caters a single, cost effective system for all their IT requirement. Matrix Navan is an ideal solution for them, putting and firewalls together in a single box. This is very cost effective and efficient solution for such requirement with the following features:
WIFI point
Network Switch port
GSM port
VPN routers

Tailor Made Solutions
We offer specialized gate ways, Multi-channel SIP gateways offering seamless connectivity between VoIP and PSTN connectivity. FXO - FXS gate ways offer 4 to 32 FXO FXS to connect TDM based telephone to IP based telephone system.
Our VoIP to PRI gate ways is very rich VoIP gateway feature that offers upto 30 simultaneous VoIP calls. Matrix manufactures VoIP GSM gateway from 4 to 8 GSM and supports both 3G and 4G sim.

IP Telephone solutions for Hotels and Motels
The Hospitality Industry has one of the fastest growing industries in the middle east with some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry entering the market. Our partnership with Matrix and other vendors helps us to provide services to clients of scale integrating telecom solutions to best fit their requirements. The all in one advance and integrated communications solutions for small budget and luxury hotels create a very high quality solution for our clients. Matrix hospitality communication solution empowers hoteliers to meet the industry-wide communication challenges and deliver superior guest experience. The solutions we provide enables clients in having smooth communication within the departments in their premises and a clear cost effective communication with clients, suppliers and offices in both local and international locations. The specialized IP PBX solutions we provide for the hospitality industry is both guest centric that improves the professional service, thereby improving the guest experience and the systematic hotel structure. The customized solutions are able to create a unique user interface that provides an automated hotel operation that helps their staff to respond from within the organization premises.

The comprehensive solutions we provide are able to work in scales of any given organization, the communication needs of small budget to luxury hotels from 20-1500 rooms the universal slots architecture and a state of the art design, Matrix hospitality PBXs are scalable as per the hotel requirements. Hotels can excel and differentiate themselves with Matrix hospitality solution complemented by hotel wizard, front desk management, ready PMS integration, voice mail system and built-in auto-attendant.

Our VoIP to PRI gateway is able to offer up to 30 simultaneous VoIP Calls. The Matrix IP Phones that support both 3G and 4G sim and a GSM gateway from 4-8 GSM.

At Adax we offer IP telephone terminals with matrix solution that provides the user experience and deliver ease of use telephone terminals. Matrix offers a range of IP and SIP phones based on cutting-edge technology and latest telephony features. Matrix SIP/IP Phones are available in entry-level phones to premium desk phones that is supported by sleek and stylish state of the art touch-screen display. The Telecom solutions we install are of prime quality guaranteed in providing a sustainable telecom solution. Our solution is spread across the middle east namely Qatar and UAE Markets.