Interactive boards are able to transform a working environment into a collaborative and interactive session of work that is able to motivate employees thereby improving their performance at work. Adax is able to provide a wide range of interactive smart boards and smart displays with some of the world renowned vendors who work with the best available technology that produces the highest quality product. The level of effective communication is utmost important to any organization for a smoother and faster operation in the present business context which applies to time is money. The solutions we provide cater to a wide market across middle east covering a large area to deliver quality solutions to our clients.

Interactive smart Boards and touch screen are able to collaborate and communicate using interactive technology that uses touch sensitive screens for places of business meetings, conferences, office space or even schools as in the case of classrooms or halls which acquire a larger gathering. These boards can be used for presentations in creating a lasting experience and in communicating with colleagues over the internet. Hardware of smart boards are integrated with interactive software solutions which create a unique way of presenting information. The rise in technology has pushed the business world towards touch screen and interactive technology that has created a new market for business to use in closing deals with powerful and creative communication methods that provides limitless interactive methods. The technology is that of similar to the smart phones therefore the level of interaction is much easier and gives a sense of familiarity.

Our Smart Technology Solutions
Infrared Technology (IR Touch)
The infrared interactive smartboards are whiteboards that captures interferences at the surface with infrared lights. The interaction method can differ and when any area on the board is pressed, the board is able to trigger the location of the touch and hence creating a connection between the board and the device it is connected to. The board can be used for a variety of applications as classroom education, corporate boardrooms, training or activity rooms for organizations, professional sports coaching facilities, and broadcasting studios.

Capacitive Technology
This technology uses the electrical capacitance of the human body to create an interactive platform that enables the device to detect the desired information the user touches. This technology allows light touches giving the possibility of using finger and can often act as a large touch screen similar to our phones. However, this technology cannot be used with a mechanical stylus or a glove hand eliminating a variety of other options of touch.

Electromagnetic Technology
The interactive technology relies on the array of wires embedded behind the solid board surface that interacts with a coil in the stylus tip that is able to get the precise location of the determined touch. The Pen based interactive white boards acts as a mouse-over device that is able to alter the electrical signals produced by the board. For instance, when close to the surface of the board, the mouse pointer will be sensed and when it is pressed against the board in one way, the board is able to activate a switch in the pen that signals a mouse click to the computer. When it is pressed in another way, contact with the board signals a click of the right mouse-button. Similar to the version of a graphics tablet used by professional digital artists and designers, an electromagnetic Interactive White Board (IWB) can emulate mouse actions accurately, it will not malfunction if a user leans on the board, and can it handle multiple inputs.

Smart boards include software packages that help to improve creative interaction. Smart board uses contactless technology enabling the business to use smart boards for greater interaction for project management, reviews, planning budgets thereby providing limitless prospects to business and other organizations to have effective communication. We offer solutions which are highly collaborative, interactive without any limitation. Our solutions are offered with our alliances with best vendors in the market with the likes of Hitachi, Intech, your teams will be able to share ideas and solve issues. And best of all, you'll give people the ability to collaborate wherever, whenever and however they need to. We have made many satisfied customers Across Qatar & UAE by helping them with innovative Smart board and interactive Touch solutions to their business requirements.

An ideal situation which requires such a solution that best fits is in the case of an education system that could benefit with prompt and easy interaction that develops knowledge and provides a lasting experience for the end user. Our Smart board solutions for schools and colleges facilitate class room sessions interactive and active learning. They help teachers focus attention and guide student's process as well as capture students' interest and engage their curiosity. Students can use the products to collaborate with each other, investigate new ideas and create projects that demonstrate their learning. Interactive Smart boards accelerate classroom learning with their ability to provide a hands-on, engaging experience that assists in maximizing subject retention.

Adax has always been innovative in the use of cutting edge system solutions. The introduction of interactive smart display is a solution provided by Adax to its clients to improve the level of interaction at their work places. Implementation of smart display adds value and develops an opportunity for creative communication.

Presentations play an important role in an era of technology which prefers clear cut communication that enhances user’s experience. Incorporating technology will only create greater productivity and competitive advantage.

Addax has provided many organizations with different presentation requirements in places of education and corporate business and in these solutions have also been used by national security. At Adax we believe in quality solutions and use the best hardware and software available in the field of interactive technology developing precise solutions for clients to have optimum allocation.

Basic FeaturesS

  • Full HD interactive LED display solution
  • The 10-point touch-enabled display
  • Intel Core/ Dual Core processor
  • Pre-installed convenient annotation software

These are some of the basic features which Adax has on its interactive display solutions and these solutions can be customized to suit the client with regard to:

  • Size
  • Brand
  • Purpose/ usage
  • Budget

Adax uses interactive smart boards and display to our company meetings and workshops as we at Adax trust interactive smart technology as one of the most effective means of communication for presentations and addressing groups of people. We have worked with education institutes and government organizations in the implementation of this device with great feedback and positive reviews.

Our solution for interactive smart boards and smart displays has made considerable change to their system with recommendations and solution inquiry is done mainly with the word of mouth. The solutions we have provided has been of high quality displays and smart solutions that has changed the results and the method of thinking for the institutions who have our solutions. we at Adax are able to study your requirements and provide you with the best solution that will help you communicate and interact in a way like never before.

“Interacting will never be the same again but more refined and clear with a much greater feedback that will bring in positive results”.