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Video management software  (VMS) is the brain of a video surveillance solutions and a  smart VMS can create an enormous impact of the way CCTV is utilised. Honeywell’s new VMS technology exploits Internet of things (IOT) with varied possibilities on an open platform that helps to improve efficiently and the response in any given scenario, best suited for large scale operations. For example airports, prisons, hospitals, universities and colleges and urban areas. The DVM R620 improves operator efficiency and situational awareness to speed up incident identification and resolution.


The software feature gives further recognition for a sustainable user interface with the ability to capture,view and manage live and recorded video with ease. The software uses edge recording playback and backfill that is capable of capturing video footage on camera member on cards which is later back filled to the main server, this ensures a resilient system at times of interruptions such as server failures or cybersecurity threats and breaches.


The DVM R620 supports open standards like Open Network Video Interface forum (ONVIF) standard. The enables of the VMS over multiple platforms with an ease of integrating a variety of make and models along with third party software. The VMS is able to assist organisations to authenticate video footage with water marks and digital signatures, to be used as evidence and these videos can be protected by passwords when exporting files. DVM R620 is smart and utilised hardware resources in an optimal method, for example the DVM R620 uses lower resolution for video streaming while the valuable network bandwidth is made available also requiring less from individual monitors for decompressing and video rendering. Organisations can lower hardware costs and view more cameras within a single view.


The Smart Honeywell VMS has designed a possibility to improve the quality of the video recorded and increased the ease of access along with strengthening the security aspects of the surveillance industry incorporating methods of access control to develop a symphony between the different security components.


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