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Samsung Smart Home Solution

The development in smart home cadets had seen several companies completing in the industry. home security are now smarter and accessible than they have ever been. Smart technology companies like Nest and Ring are trying to break into the market and samsung recently announced that it will collaborate with one of the oldest smart companies in the world, ADT. Samsung is planning on releasing its only range of smartThings security systems to the world.


The smart system will feature touch screen for controlling arming and disarming all of the security tools. The solution is capable of working with other systems to centralize the smart home solution. other systems could be Door access systems, CCTV, lights bulbs, Audiovisual systems, shades and so on.


Samsung home kit would include accessories like window and door sensors, motion detectors which are able to to monitor water leaks, carbon monoxide, smoke/fire, panic alerts and any detection of a home invasion. These systems will ensure a secured environment and a guaranteed ease of transforming the house to a smarter, productive and proactive modern household.




Technology has become a part of our life style and its only practical to think of implementing technology in every aspect of our operation to improve productivity and thereby have a better quality in our operations. Meeting rooms and conference rooms has become the most important area of our business as it's the place that generates the best impression of our business to a visiting stakeholder its can be clients, suppliers, government officials, shareholders and others involved with the organisation.