A Canadian company specialized in Commercial Security solutions established in 2004 with the idea of delivery the best global security solutions. The quality of products delivered by Avigilon has been of the highest quality in the industry, making it one of the pioneers in presenting the industry with market changing surveillance and access control devices. With year growth, stable and fast its considered to be one of the fastest growing surveillance manufacturers of all time. In Canada, its awarded for it growth as the fastest growing company in the country. The development in technology at Avigilon Products since it was founded has been trend setters in the surveillance industry especially, ensuring the quality of its technology is above market standards.

Avigilon is one of our partnered manufacturer in supplying high quality surveillance solutions to the Qatar, UAE and other middle east markets. Our collaboration has helped us complete system integration in challenging and complex environments across the middle east. A variety of solutions has been installed in the sites of large multinational organizations ensuring the monitoring and control can be processed from a remote location. Recognizing the efficiency in the products we have been able to deliver quality solutions to our clients with Avigilon been a vital part of our initial solutions.

Educating our team with Avigilon products has resulted in a closer bond between the product and the integrating team of professionals. The hardware of Avigilon has been well received by the clients and the quality of training ensured our professionals at Adax have been well accompanied to create a solution that enables an optimal use of the products capabilities, thereby increasing product efficiency in all our integrations. Product training ensured a smoother installation process with a greater understanding of the individual range of product specification.

Established in 1984 a Swedish manufacturer of network cameras for security and surveillance industries. Axis is well established across the globe and is present a leader in the market for network cameras and video encoder, specializing in a variety of applications that assist in the implementation of Solutions with the likes of PTZ, HDTV, Motion detections and progressive scans. Axis was responsible for the introduction of the world’s first HDTV Network Camera and the durability of Axis products has always been of very high standards making it one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Axis has collaborated with Adax in providing Surveillance camera solutions in a variety of installations across Qatar, UAE and other parts of middle east. We, at Adax have been able to efficiently utilize the technology in Axis surveillance camera to the optimal in large projects with the skill to customized the application as per the client, and these installations have been some of the biggest and largest projects in the region. Our partnership gives the opportunity for the client to be able to use of the highest quality surveillance technology available in the market, the networking technology used by axis in their products adapts to a wide variety of third party devices and software’s, flexibility at the installation provides an edge over it competitors.

Our trained engineers and technicians have been trained to operate with Axis Surveillance technology to ensure optimal usage of its productivity guaranteeing that we are more than capable to handle projects and clients of any scale on the implementation of Axis solutions. The open platform on the axis products and the training provided ensure a quality solution. At Adax we believe quality application at every stage of our solution implementations, hence the standards set are above industrial standards thereby creating a unique experience to the end user.

BTF is an Italian business entity established in the year 1981, this Italian company specializes in providing access control for a variety of application that is suitable for commercial use. BFT has expanded globally in over 120 countries with major business activities in Europe with a vast demand for their product in industries with construction requirements with the likes of UAE and Qatar. BFT is one of the best-known names in the industry for bollards and heavy duty access control solutions.

As a renounced named in the field of security solutions BFT has a wide solution based products that covers different level of security. BFT Specializes in Parking Management systems (PMS) that will be responsible for the complete solutions ranging from arm barriers to the ticketing system. The urban automation Solutions provided by BFT included the likes of bollards and arm barriers which accounts to a larger span of the solutions provided by BFT.

Adax has worked closely with BFT in delivering solutions beyond the industrial standard across the middle east, quality of the products produced by BFT has made an impact in the industry changing the face of design, implementation, and product manufacturing standards. Our solutions are intended to produce the highest quality and our collaboration with BFT has helped us provide clients with trusted and durable access control solution that is secure and fool proof with high end security solutions. Our clients require solutions that is capable and worthy of high security zone installation with a comforting design and a purposeful product. BFT has delivered products and solution that operate beyond the requirement of the market, hence ensuring the client is satisfied with the solution.

The training our team has received from BFT has helped Adax to have a smoother installation of BFT products, our engineers understanding of the product specification giving an edge over other brands as they can be of greater support to the final user. The process of configuring BFT products will be at optimal capacity with greater training and understanding of each product and hence it creates the possibility of a smoother product integration with existing solutions or new solutions. Understanding the mechanism of every product and solution is vital, we at Adax are professionals of security solutions with skilled and trained engineers to install the highest quality products in the industry.

Crestron is a US based company established in late 1960s, it has been in the automation market for a sufficient period to master its products and solutions, making it a market leader in the automation industry. In this period, Crestron has produced a wide variety of applications that assists, participates, and synchronizes with any given environment. As a pioneer in Audiovisuals & Controlled systems Crestron has been able to cater to a worldwide audience in various businesses and organizations. The level of commitment, the quality of their automated solutions and the breakthrough in technology has paid off for Crestron as it has earned several prestigious awards that is a testament of the excellence of their solutions.

The advanced control and automation technology introduced by Crestron has always been ahead of its competitors, setting industrial standards in large multinationals across the globe. This form of “one push Button” technology introduced by Crestron helps in creating a complete automated environment within the premises with all the AV, Lighting, shading, IT, Security, Building Management Systems and much more. The system ensures a complete integration with all the devices accessible on a single platform.

At adax, we aim to provide the highest quality that is world class to every client we provide our services. The Automation industry is expected to have a very high growth in the near future as it’s a technology that supports a single platform across any devices the client wishes. Hence, it’s an opportunity to highlight all our solutions integrated into a single system that can be assessable at a single point. Adax worked with Crestron in the installation of high profile client projects in Doha, Qatar and in UAE. Our automation solution is available across ziddle east.

Adax group of engineers have been trained in specialized areas of security and Audiovisual solutions and having closely worked with Crestron we could integrates solutions with a range of applications in variety of systems.

Italian based manufacturer of gate automation, established in the year 1965 now grown to be a front runner in the production of gate automation with some of the most secured and commercially durable devices in the industry. FAAC is specialized in the arm barriers and is known for its very high quality of gates with a durability above the industrial standard, the characteristics of FAAC solutions has established a well reputed name for quality in the security industry. They provide access automation, parking management systems (PMS) and access control solutions which stand out as their main core of activities. The FAAC group operates worldwide with offices in over 30 countries and distributors in over 80 countries with a global reach.

Adax has collaborated with FAAC to provide PMS, access automation and access control solutions in to the clients in Qatar, UAE & Middle east markets. We have installed high quality solution across the regions in malls, universities, health institutes, government organizations and large multinationals. Our solutions partnered with FAAC has given Adax the edge it required with professional installations guarantied and ISO standards in both the product and the installation procedure.

Training provided by FAAC to our team of professionals in creating a solution that is integrated to a variety of applications. The FAAC products specifications are deeply engrained to the core within the Adax team of engineers. This ensures a better utilization of the solution to best fit the client’s requirements, hence creating a very smart solution that can operate smoothly in all conditions.

This multinational conglomerate business entity was founded in 1906 and traces back to 1885 as their core business is concerned. This American based manufacturer is more than a century old with their business operations expanding to aerospace, automation & control, and performance materials & Technology. They provide both commercial and consumer products to a wide market range throughout the globe. They are a part of the prestigious fortune 100 companies and soon becoming a market leader in most of their business with large number of business acquisition and diversification. This has helped the organization to expand and create new markets for their products and their entry to the middle east market.

Adax has partnered with Honeywell in providing automation access control solutions to the markets in Qatar, UAE, and Middle east. The access control solutions provided by Honeywell is of high standards, products that are capable beyond the industrial expectations. The size of Honeywell enables the manufacturer to invest in research and development that leads to advancement in technology, hence creating a change in the market. Adax wants to be a part of this change and be a part of technology adding value to our client’s premises.

Honeywell has provided training to our engineers on the product specification that will assist during product installation. The solutions we install requires several products to be integrated into one solution and understanding how the product operations and the ability for the product to be integrated into various solutions is important. Our team of professionals are well equipped with the specification of every product for the range of solutions we provide. The Honeywell training has given added advantage in understanding this practice of product mechanism enabling us to present the client with the most appropriate solution.

Founded in the year 2004 in the USA, Luxriot is specialized in the field of Video Management Software (VMS) and surveillance camera with their team of computer engineers releasing very high industrial standard solutions. Over the past decade Luxriot has been able to create a well reputed name in the industry with the variety of applications they provide in their products & solutions operating in over 196 countries. Some of their key features include open platform, scalable solutions, efficient performance that results its products being competitive in the surveillance industry during a period known to be as the “age of technology”. Their innovative technology on their hardware devices and synchronizing software ensures they prevail above industrial standards and with continuous adaptation to the market has helped Luxriot achieve greater heights in a short period of time. VMS, being an open platform it can support MJPEG, MPEG4, H.264 AND HD Megapixel video streaming from IP/ Network Cameras, encoders and video capture boards. VMS is integrated with over 3000 devices from all major manufacturers.

Adax has partnered with world class vendors in a variety of solutions and we are proud to have partnered with Luxriot in providing Surveillance Camera solutions in Qatar & UAE markets. Adax being one of the most trusted names in Surveillance camera in the region we need a partner who can provide the highest quality products and solutions, our solutions are integrated into a variety of applications. The technology in our solutions can ease the operations of our clients with intelligent software’s such as the VMS provided by Luxriot. Smart technology ensures that it’s able to assist the users with tips and help reduce the work load of the organization, Luxriot has created a platform of smart technology that helps our solutions standout in the market along with our level of professional support.

Our installation standards have always been above industrial standards as we pride ourselves with highly trained professionals and high quality products. Our professionals have been trained and educated with all our partnered brands and at adax we are involved with some of the most complex and complicated projects which require specific set of skills in perfecting the solution across all areas during the implementation process.

Matrix was established in 1991, it is a leader in Telecom and Security solutions for modern businesses and enterprises. Matrix operates in over 50 countries providing them with breakthrough technology solutions. Matrix has launched cutting-edge products like IP-PBX, Universal Gateways, VoIP Gateways and Terminals, GSM Gateways, Access Control and Time-Attendance Systems, Video Surveillance System. Matrix is both a hardware and software provider for all its solutions differentiating itself as a complete end to end solution provider.


Web Based Centralized monitoring and reporting of attendance system from branches to Head office (Even without internet)

Customized Report Generation and flexible attendance policies, over Night shifts and schedules (Supports 200+ types of reports) helps managers to take proper decisions.

Easy Integration of attendance systems with Payroll, Tally, ERP, HRM helping automated payroll calculations without any error (reduces error rate and increase profitability)

Mobile Application based attendance system (for people who are moving around like sales people connected with GPS)

Supports e mail notification or SMS notifications to reporting manager for many kind of events, like absents, late in, holidays, overtimes.

Work force management module for planning schedules, Job Costing shifts etc.

Employee self-service module for employee interaction with manager for leave application, approvals.

High Quality hardware with multi credential options like, RFID readers, Fingerprint readers, Palm Vein readers, Mi.fare card readers, HID card readers etc. Also Devices which support SIM card based data transfer, WIFI, POE supported devices and Potable attendance device with battery backup which work without extra power.

Matrix Access Control Solutions
Matrix Access control systems are made with high quality and versatile options. Whether your requirement could be for finger based access control systems, Biometric based access control, Palm vein based access control, RFID based smart card access control, MI fare or HID card based access control solution, Matrix has the full capability of providing turkey solutions. More over from software perspective, whatever the requirement might be, Matrix software which is compactly integrated with its hardware meets high end solution requirements from door access control systems.


Manage 10,000 doors and 1 Million users
Permits only authorized person to pre-defined areas
Define access rules on the basis of time, zone, user
Open door only after designated person makes the first entry
Accomplish high security areas with 2-person rule Block a user from entering into a controlled zone
Prevent a card holder from passing his card back to a second person to gain entry in a controlled area
Empower VIP users to enter any controlled zone
Ensure that security guard makes round of the facility during non-working hours
Manage traffic, control dust and heat when multiple doors are arranged in a sequence
Configure and manage system locally or remotely
Generate an alarm on detection of any tampering

Matrix Cafeteria / Canteen management system
Many organizations and companies are providing canteen facilities for their employees in their business premise. This provides a better convenience and comfort for the staff. Implementing a system for managing such staff canteen is so critical for the organizations. Otherwise companies with huge employees would face a lot of difficulties. Matrix has developed a cutting edge solution for managing such staff canteen. This is an add on module with Matrix centra platform which constitutes other modules like time attendance module, access control module, job costing module, visitor management module.


Customizable Menu: Multiple menu options up to 255 menu items to accommodate different types of food items offered in the canteen Menu Schedule :companies can schedule menus with dates and times Auto-Selected Item: This function is useful when the cafeteria serves one item as the complete lunch/dinner meal or want to offer the most selling items as the default item. One item per menu can be defined as a default item and it will be displayed on the top. User need not navigate through the menu to order the auto-selected menu item. He can order the item just by showing his credentials.

Cashless Transactions: With Matrix COSEC Cafeteria/Canteen Management system, employees can postpaid and prepaid payment option can be integrated with accounts software. This can be operated by prepaid system.

Refund Requests: It is possible that when a user orders an item shown in the menu and cafeteria cannot serve it due to stock-out or other reasons. It is also likely complete order cafeteria cannot serve the entire order and offers only few items or partial quantity from the order

Balance Recharge: Staff can recharge their prepaid accounts with cosec card enroller or card enroller station

Food Planning: This helps companies to reduce food wastage by planning day to day consumption from previous data.

Blocked Users: Companies can block or black list people depending on the situation

Consumption Status : Each employee can see and take report of their consumption status, they can use employee self-service portal

Integration with Printer : Matrix cosec can be integrated with any third party printer, like thermal printers

Export Data to Payroll and Billing Software: All data from Matrix canteen management software can be exported to payroll and billing software enabling organization in payroll calculation, and cost per employee calculation.

Informative Reports: Administration, HR and finance can generate 30+ informative cafeteria reports by applying various filters to monitor user-wise, department-wise, daily and monthly food consumption and expenses. They can also analyze item-wise consumption and transaction details. Reports are available in various formats like PDF, Excel, Word, Text, RTP and CSV.

Matrix Employee self Service portal
Matrix COSEC CENTRA ESS is a web-based employee self-service portal offering users to monitor andmanage all their time-attendance and leave options. Employees and managers can access all their time-attendance and leave status details .The Matrix COSEC CENTRA ESS intuitive interface offers employees to view their attendance and shift schedules, Matrix COSEC CENTRA ESS is truly a productivity booster for any organization.

Attendance and Leave Status: Matrix COSEC CENTRA ESS provides direct web based access to employees to view their attendance summary, attendance details and leave status for a particular day, current month, previous month or any user defined period. This detailed information is presented with colorful marking for easy interpretation.

Shift Schedules: Employees can view their own shifts and schedules for the current and upcoming months for advance planning. This advance planning greatly improves their time management and efficiency.

Attendance Correction: Matrix ESS allows managers to correct attendance of team members for special reasons such as official duty, special flexibility for a vehicle breakdown or medical emergency, etc. If granted permission by the system administrator, the manager can change presence and entry/exit timings of his team members. Of course, all these alterations are stored in the audit trail for official records.

Leave Application and Approval: Anyone who has applied for leave knows the frustration of filling the paper form and waiting for the approval from the reporting officer. With Matrix COSEC CENTRA ESS, employees can request for authorization of attendance, overtime, compensatory-off and personal and official leaves to his reporting officer. This request is reflected on the reporting officer's ESS dashboard. Tedious and manual paperwork is completely eliminated.

Mark Attendance: Attendance tracking for the field or mobile employees presents several challenges to HR person. From ESS, the field person can directly login into the COSEC server and mark his attendance without going to the office.

Cafeteria Details: Using COSEC CENTRA ESS, a user can check his prepaid and postpaid cafeteria expenses during the month. He can also check monthly menu and apply for any correction in the consumption shown.

Message Board: Matrix COSEC CENTRA ESS displays customizable messages on the home page of the portal and thus viewable to all users. A user reads the message as soon as he logs into the ESS. Admin and HR can update employees with the latest internal and external news and events.

Visitor Pre-Registration: Using COSEC CENTRA ESS portal, authorized employees can pre-register a visitor quickly and easily before the actual visit. He can register a visitor with personal and official detail along with purpose of visit and other necessary information. Security and reception can use this information to prepare a pass for the visitor improving overall productivity and give a professional impression of the organization.

Reporting Officer Self Service : With Matrix cosec centra Employee self-service portal, reporting officer can see the attendance, shift schedule, leave report of their team member, enabling an effective management of the organization.

Add/Edit Personal Details: With cosec centra Self-service portal, employees can edit and amend lot of their personal details which can be updated to human resource management software.

Matrix visitor management solution
Matrix visitor management system is an effective solution for companies to manage their visitors, customers, guests etc. Visitors include customers, suppliers, colleagues, maintenance staff, competitors, government officers, guests, friends, relatives and sometime completely unknown people. Each company has its own rules and regulation for each visitor. Some visitors are allowed and restricted for some time and some zones. Matrix visitor management system enables companies to make a lot of policies in managing visitors with visitor smart id cards and controlling their access , making your premise more secured and audited. Matrix COSEC CENTRA Visitor Management is designed to address these concerns in a professional and systematic method without compromising security, hospitality or productivity. This is a part of matrix access control and time attendance module and is a module of Matrix cosec centra software.

Matrix Job processing Job costing and Roaster management module
Right people for right job increases efficiency and productivity of the organization. Although manyorganization has enough staff and employees, many fail to achieve production target, this is due to lack planning and forecasting. This is where a requirement of a good system for roaster management and Job costing plays a great role. Matrix Roster Management allows detailed planning of workforce for improving productivity and managing cost of the manpower efficiently. It helps assigning right people with the right skill to the right job. It also helps in forecasting and budgeting for future employee requirements.

Matrix Security Surveillance Solution
The Matrix range of surveillance solutions and CCTV products are designed for large enterprises and multi-location sites which require centralized and remote management of their CCTV and video surveillance systems. The Matrix Satatya range of products bring high quality and reliability to the Video Surveillance sector. These enterprise-grade reliable solutions are power packed with advanced features that not only deliver effective and efficient security but also enhance productivity.

Adax is partnered with Matrix in providing high quality solutions in every solution. Our solutions are spread across Doha Qatar & UAE. As one of the highly respected Security solutions company in the Middle East our solutions are partners with some of the largest names in the industry as they help us in creating a secured environment.

Founded in 1998, milestone is a Danish company a provider of IP Based Video Management Software (VMS) and Network Video Recorders (NVRs) for surveillance installations. The Milestone is an award winning and an industrial leader in open platform IP video Management software. Its powerful surveillance software can deliver high performance with third party hardware devices, with support from the widest range of network hardware and integration with other systems Milestone is step ahead of its rivals and is one of the best VMS companies in the world.

Adax has paired with Milestone to provide VMS solutions for clients in Qatar, UAE and other parts of middle east, our solution requires the highest quality integrations and we work towards a service of excellence ensuring our clients have some of the best products in the market, giving them additional security and peace of mind that their business is in safe hands. Milestone will provide high quality VMS solutions via adax and out installation along with the best know hardware brands in the industry will help create a perfect security solution.

Our team of engineers have received training across all the essential points of installation, configuring and integration to third party hardware. This training helps a smoother completion of our process across the solution. Milestone could educate our team with the necessary product specification that will be appropriate in producing an industrial standard solution. Adax makes sure that all our engineers and technical teams are well equipped with product knowledge as every brand product specification varies and an understanding of each product will only create a symphony in the installation phrase.

OZAK is a Turkish turnstile company established in 1974, specialized in the production of turnstile. Theyare the first turnstile company to be established in turkey, currently they are considered to be one of the most renounced named in the turnstile market. Ozak became an ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturing faculty in 2008, with a total area of 14,000 square meters of which 9600 is covered by the manufacturing unit. Their product range cover a wide range from pedestrian and vehicle access control systems. Their operations is spread across the world with operations in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Russia & the USA. OZAK is considered by most professional security solutions companies to be one of the most trusted names in the turnstile and access control industry.

  • Waist & Full Height turnstiles
  • Speed Gates
  • Hidden Gate
  • Paddle Gate
  • Sliding Gate
  • Optical Turnstile
  • Disabled Passage Turnstiles
  • Stadium Solutions Integrated Turnstiles
  • Fuel Oil / Gas and Petroleum Refinery Turnstiles
  • Prestigious Passage Turnstiles and Doors for Business Center And Plazas
  • Motorised Swing Gates
  • Motorised Flap Doors
  • Emergency Exit Doors / Pedestrian Gates
  • Custom Designed Turnstiles and Passage Control Systems
  • "Road Blocker" Barrier Systems
  • "Bollard" Barrier Systems

The products from OZAK are of very high industrial standards and our set of professional engineers are trained and educated to meet the needs of the Middle East market. The engineers in Adax have been trained to assist in harsh conditions with the highest quality materials ensuring a satisfied client. Their variety of OZAK applications requires highly skilled professionals to execute a perfect solutions in the conditions and locations we operate in and our trained and skilled engineers help us in achieving such tasks.

It is one of the most celebrated names in the electronic world, a leader in providing diversified technology requirements to a large market. This multination was established in 1946 with over 70yrs of business, the organization is based in Tokyo Japan. Sony is an established entity with its outlets around the world delivery high quality products and services to both consumer and professional Market giving it a solid platform across Audiovisuals and IT industries. The diversified Business entity enables Sony to penetrate different markets, with its brand name the entry into the middle east market has been well received.

Sony has been a partner in providing high quality surveillance solutions across the middle east market. As a leader in the surveillance technology Adax has installed projects in high security zones and in places of national security and our Sony Surveillance solutions have been able to create a very secured premises across the region with advancement in technology and the partnership of Sony providing Adax with additional assistance.

Adax is collaborated with Sony in delivery high quality solutions to our clients, we have worked with clients in a variety of solutions that has been a sole used of Sony Products. Quality of the Sony solutions enables us to easily market its solutions to our clients and as we only provide quality solutions we have been able to utilize the product efficiency of brands like Sony to the optimum level. Our partnership has made clients across the region experience the solution we have integrated in a different perspective creating a unique experience to the end user, the end positive reviews from the clients acts as a strong bride only possible with quality products installed by professionals.

Our hired professionals are trained and educated for Audiovisuals of Sony and other product range that is of use to Adax. The solutions integrated is thoroughly checked at every stage to keep with the industrial standards and ensure a high-quality solution is delivered to all clients. Trained professionals with a product that is above market standards ensure a perfect solution helping Adax become one of the front runners in its field.

An Austrian company established in 1999 and is currently the world’s largest signaltransmitter manufacturers with a very fast growing name in the industry. Swarco has diversified to become on the leading suppliers of products, systems and traffic for traffic safety and intelligent traffic management, LED Street Lighting and electric charging stations are included in the company’s product portfolio. The parking guidance System (PGS) solution has become one of its core business of recent times.

Adax has partnered with SWARCO in parking management projects with high profile clients with a large requirement. Adax believes in working together with industrial leaders who can provide the high-quality solutions designing & creating a solution that speaks for itself. The parking guidance solution provided by Adax needs to be of the highest industrial standards as it’s a market that is growing with the change of the world technology.

Parking guidance system involves a wide variety of compliances and systems to work together in creating the perfect solution, our professionals are trained and in the field of parking solutions. We ensure a smooth solution is integrated with regular check at every installation and deploying of all equipment’s that is worthy of an intelligent and smart solution that can assist the end users. Swarco Training ensures that our group of engineers are educated and trained to use Swarco products in giving the client a solution that is above the expectation and above industrial standards.

The Bosch company was founded in 1886 in Germany and is over 130 years in Business with diversified business in a variety of industries, some of its core products include automotive components, industrial products and building products which includes security solutions and many other technological solutions. Bosch is one of the most renounced technological companies in the world developed with innovation at its core. They operate worldwide with stores, distributors, agents, and their own outlets available in regions around the world.

Adax has collaborated with Bosch in delivery high quality Public Addressing (PA) solutions and Surveillance systems. We have worked closely with Bosch in the installation of large PA systems in large and prestigious projects across Qatar and Middle East. The partnership between Adax and Bosch in the installation process of our solutions has created a unique customized solution for our clients. Our PA systems have been overlooked to ensure the highest quality installation at every step of our product integration.

The professionals at Adax are highly qualified across different fields, Bosch has trained our team of professionals to utilize their products in an optimal installation, this improves the productivity of the solutions and a smoother integration. The understanding of Bosch Products gives the competitive edge for adax to present our solutions for the client in a customized single platform with world class standards.

Cisco is an American multinational technology conglomerate founded in 1984 developing manufactures and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment, and other advance network technology services & products. Cisco is the largest networking company in the world, it’s a company with a varied level of acquisitions and diversified divisions of business activity. Cisco provides VoIP solutions, cloud based solutions and other network system solutions which have of recent times been one of their strongest point of sale. Cisco operates with partnered businesses worldwide and offices setup at important hubs, their business activities are well established delivering several services including the certification of professionals who have undergone Cisco training for various areas within the networking field.

Adax has worked with Cisco Products in many projects and clients who require high quality network solutions. The IP based network solutions provided by Cisco is top of the range products with trusted and advanced technology applied across their products. we have successfully been able to meet the demands of customized demands of our clients with the installation of cisco Network solutions.

We have professionals trained and certified by Cisco for networking solutions, these engineers are capable of handling projects related to all types of cisco products and solutions, their expertise enables adax to delivery high quality project completion that supports the clients’ exact requirement. Our solutions are above the markets standards and the installations we provide are with the use of products considered to be some of the most trusted brands in the world.

Established in Japan in the year 1906, Hitachi has since become a large multinationalorganization operating in over 10 diversified segments from telecommunication to financial services, their products & services range across multiple industries and clients. Hitachi is in the fortune 500 companies since 2012 and their testimonials support its product quality and brand image building a trust in the global market, to add to their success Hitachi has recently grown in heights becoming the most trusted and reliable hard disk manufacturer. As one of their diversified business Hitachi is one of the leading manufacturers of digital media, making it highly competitive across the Audiovisual industry.

Adax has been associated with Hitachi for the installation of interactive smart technology and we have been able to provide innovative technology for our clients, mostly educational and government organizations. The collaboration with Hitachi has enabled Adax to integrate technology to improve the quality of operation to the end user, which has always been an goal at Adax. The Slogan of Hitachi is to “inspire the next” and their advancement in technology in the field of interactive technology is working towards a smarter and productive era.

Hitachi has trained our group of skilled engineers to integrate solutions to the client in the most appropriate arrangement, these solutions needs to be configured to fit in with the clients existing system and our professionals at Adax ensure the productivity of the products are at the highest in all circumstances. The quality of our solutions is at the top of the priority list with a satisfied end user. The interactive technology by Hitachi is one of a kind and Adax gives an assurance for a complete installation of this technology to the utmost productivity.


This Netherlands business entity was established in 1929 and it has being listed on theEuronext exchange since 1947 as it continued to have subsidiaries in Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and Spain. Nedap is specialized in the development of security solutions and electronic control units with the use of a smart technology known as Near Field Communication(NFC) that can identify a variety of application. They operate in a very selective market that provides their technology for the diversified industries from education, healthcare, libraries, livestock management, locker management systems, power supplies, retail support, security management and customized solutions to suit the needs of the third party.

Adax has worked with Nedap in the installation of various large and prestigious projects. The Nedap NFC technology mechanism has given a competitive edge in our installation, we have worked with Nedap in security solution and installation of Automatic Number Plate Recognition Readers (ANPR), Long Range Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Readers and Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) solutions. These solutions have been installed with precision and our collaboration with Nedap has enabled this possible.

The professionals at Adax has been trained and their experience in the field of system security has boosted the results of our installation. The trained engineers at Adax working along with the Nedap team has educated product knowledge of Nedap Products, hence creating a greater configuration that results in greater productivity of Nedap Products.