We provide false proof visitors management system that ensures an efficient management of visitors and guest at all your entrances. An efficient management of your organization with a complete tracking solution with a visitor's management solution that works with intelligent software and smart access cards creating a solution that is able to produce details of your visitors, guests and other stake holders who visit and enter your premises. This smart solution is able to provide detailed information about the time of entry, time of exit, identity of the person, purpose of their visit, their frequency of visits, time spent within the premises, the areas of visits and more information that is relevant to track the whereabouts of the visitors. This intelligent VMS with only possible with an efficient VMS and the smart access control visitor's gates.

This solution is able to produce a countless variety of reports to the management that will help and assist them in decision making. Organizations have a diversified groups of visitors from all levels and ethnicities that can affect the system of operation, however an intelligent VMS ensures a standardization method of managing these groups of people that can include employees, colleagues, contract workers, competitors, suppliers and vendors, government officials, guests, friends, relatives, and other third parties involved for the operation of the work place. The duration of the visits per individual can vary on the aspect of their visit as some may acquire short stay for a couple of hours while some others may have longer visits. Authorization permit for various areas of the premises can be delegated at the time of entry as requested by the contact person within the organization. Security of the organization will be strengthened as the business will be able to monitor all individuals and their belonging at the time of entry and hence tracking every move of the visitors within the premises. An efficient VMS is vital in the current context of security for business organizations.

Features of our Visitorís Management System
A VMS can create a controlled access to the business premises with a smart solution that is able to monitor visitors in the premises without much human interference. VMS has many characteristics making this system a success and a positive investment. A finely designed and customized VMS with the help of professional security solutions that is capable of evaluating the premises security requirements and advice the client their best fit solution.

Saving time
The system works in advance and can be planned. In the case of pre-planned visits, a pass can be generated with completed registrations enabling quick access for visitors. The details of the visitors can be saved at the preparation of the pass.

The system is an easy and user friendly desktop application that can be used with very little training. The security is able to keep track of its visitors in the premises. Frequent visitorsí details will be available for a quick and monitored access

Notification via e-mail or Text messages can be sent to the visitor about the planned visit and the host can be notified when the visitor is in the premises for the event. This creates well-organized and clearly managed steps that help the management to achieve efficiency in operations.

Access control
The visitors can be enrolled into the premises with finger prints or the use of RF Cards. This ensures the visitor is given the permission only to allocated areas in the premises and will vary between visitors. VMS solutions ensure the highest company privacy creating a safe working environment.

Report generation
A customized report can be generated by an organization to gather various information relevant to the organization that helps to improve the monitoring aspects of the company.

An Overview on the Development of Visitor Management System
The initial practice of managing visitors has been a manual process of documenting that is subjected to mistakes and not a false proof Solution. The front desk or the reception fill in registration sheets that record the movement of visitors in and out of the premises. This form of recording isnít very helpful in decision making as producing reports with this information can be a hassle and there is a higher possibility of generating inaccurate reports. The time consumed in generating these manual reports is significantly much longer, the software development for the VMS is able to create very accurate reports within a short period of time that helps the management make valuable and efficient decisions with regard to managing visitors within the organization. An automated visitor management system uses both software and hardware that generates a detailed report on all the visitors and meetings in a building.

Our hardware devices help in capturing credentials that authorizes entry and exits within the premises. Visitors provide their proof as an identity card or their business cards, the information can then be captured with an Optical Character Recognition Reader (OCR) and the software integrated to the visitor management software will collect and process this information that best fits the organization. After the visitor credentials and details have been entered, they are then authorized to enter via a gate or door using RFID smart card or biometric access technology. The Biometric or RFID card readers used can be the same readers used for any access control solutions. Our VMS supports all forms of access control doors and gate that will be integrated into the electromagnetic locked doors or flap barrier or turnstile gate, or revolving gates. Currently companies are tracking visitor attendance and registration through our smart visitor management systems.

Advantages of our Visitors Management Systems
The VMS system Adax uses for its solutions is the COSEC CENTRA Visitor Management (VMM) which is a part of the comprehensive Matrix COSEC access-control and time-attendance application suite and runs independently on the COSEC CENTRA. This system not only ensures the security of your premises and tracks your entry and exits within your organization but is able to assist in managing schedules and organizing business meeting for a smooth operation. The Visitor Management is a module with Matrix COSEC CENTRA software platform that is designed to meet the purpose of managing visitors and guests in a professional and systematic method without compromising security, productivity and creating a good hospitable environment.

Our Matrix Visitor Management System enables companies to apply all of their policies in managing the entrances and exits of individuals with visitor smart id cards and providing authorized access control solutions which in turn makes your premise secured. Matrix visitor management system is an effective solution for companies to manage some of the visitors who may include customers, suppliers, colleagues, maintenance staff, competitors, government officers, guests, friends, relatives and other individuals. These policies will help in creating a tailor made VMS solution that operates with the applied set of policies installed in VMS solutions in helping the organizations tackle the entry of visitors.

Our Matrix access control software module is integrated with matrix visitor management system that helps to add value to the users of the system by enabling them to get the most advanced and comprehensive features that the market has to offer, some of the devices we use for matrix access control system are integrated with visitor management application. The client requirements will determine if the solutions are to be RFID card based, or biometric based visitor management system.

How Our Matrix Cosec Solution adds Value to A Comprehensive Visitor Management System?
Most of the business organization having VMS solutions have semi-automated systems that do not provide detailed report or canít be integration with other security systems within the organization. Matrix Security solutions which are well known in the market for its outstanding access control software and hardware features that are tailor made solutions for visitor management system in Qatar, UAE and GCC market.

Matrix visitor management software provide solutions integrated with biometric or smart RFID card readers. The Matrix Centra enterprises software is developed and positioned as an enterprises resource planning software for such special and customized requirements for example the requirement for centralized reporting from multi sites, Multi doors, detailed daily, monthly reports of visitors, Integration with other Security systems, notifications on certain policies, notifications to managers on certain visitors etc.

Matrix Centra software has been developed with effort on Research and Development plus assessing a number of case studies from the market is able to cater and satisfy clients not only in middle east market but all around the world.

The solution is enriched to meet all the visitor management system requirements of any organization. Solution are designed with several dimensions where, when, and who can access each restricted zone or door. In addition, a range blocked visitor, meeting scheduling, blacklisted visitors, guard tour, smart card based identification makes matrix solution false proof. Matrix visitor management software works on centralized concept, where all devices are managed and controlled centralized through cosec software. All devices are LAN based devices with its own IP.

Types of Electronic Door/ Gate used in our Visitors Management Systems
Our solutions include a variety of Smart Sliding Glass Flap barriers, Automatic Turnstile gate barrier systems that are widely used as tools in an efficient visitorís management system in managing visitors, controlling crowds, Guest managing system in big venues, stadiums, office lobbies, factories, commercial complexes, metro stations etc.

Gates for Visitor and Guest Managing System
Flap Barriers integrated with card swiping solutions
The swing gates fitted with wing glass barriers are access control gates that are used in lobbies and commercial buildings to control authorized entry. Integration with RFID card system or Biometric Credentials will strengthen security measures, this form of access control solutions are suitable in metro stations and stadiums or premises that acquire controlling large crowds with credentials that can be either card based or biometric.

Turnstile Gates
These Doors can control large crowds similar to the flap barriers, the systems can be integrated to both card and biometric access control credentials in establishing a strong solution. The software in our solutions will record, track and monitor every individual entering the premises and their whereabouts to ensure a smart security for an efficient VMS Solution.

Electro Magnetic Door lock (EM Locks)
Locks that can be integrated to any access control doors existing in the present context of the business ranging from wooden to glass or steels doors. Our solutions can be installed into any door in creating a VMS Solution that suits the individual organization best. Solutions as card readers, biometric readers can be integrated with this solution.

Distinctive features of our visitor management software (VMS)
Visitor Pre-Registration
Visitors can be pre-registered by the hosts via online prior to the visit, thereby saving time and avoid the hassle at the time of entry. The COSEC CETRA enables a pre-registration function on their Employee self-service (ESS) page that allows where the host to enter visitor details, including name, organization, date, time, purpose, etc. Security will be notified of all the pre-registered visitors for the day and the visitors pass are created prior to the visit with the details registered on the VMS.

COSEC CENTRA Visitor Management is a desktop application with very user friendly GUI helping security personals to learn and operate efficiently. Most often in Business organizations the security staff at the access points lack computer skills and literacy skills which in turn creates issues with sophisticated and complicated applications to be handled at that point, the software applications are very basic interface designed considering the end users of the solution.

Visitor Pass Creation
COSEC CENTRA Visitor Management offers options to create either an e-pass with access rights or a paper pass for a visitor. Customized visitor pass with visitor name, photograph, organization name, contact details and escort name can be produced by the person in charge of handling the VMS within the organization. Visitor Management also maintains records of all visitors belonging at the time of entry and their proof of identity for the purpose of a secured working environment.

When a host pre-registers a visitor, our software from Matrix can enable the notification feature that enables both SMS or email notifications to the visitor and the others involved in the meeting or schedule. This ensures quick checks-in process for the visitors at the time of arrival. COSEC can be integrated to send notifications to the host when the visitor has checked-in which adds a great value for an organization that works with high level of standards and schedules which is a basic principle of many large cooperates and successful business entities.

Visitor Access
COSEC CENTRA Visitor Management allows enrolling visitors fingerprint or RFID cards in authorizing access to only selected areas the visitor are permitted to access. This prevents protection of valuable assets and secures the safety of business from prying eyes. This feature can be tailor made to fit every visiting individual depending on their visiting level of priority.

Visitor Escort
Escorts are necessary for many high-security organizations like science and research laboratories, defense, intelligence and detective agencies, government offices, banks, finance and consultancy firms. Our software is providing the feature that enables in selecting an escort for every visitor, and thereby they can accompany the visitor to the scheduled place. However, in highly secured areas within the premises the escort and the visitors are both required to present their credential in a specified time period to allow authorized entry.

Visitor Dashboard
The Software we provide gives a feature of live dashboard that enables a quick overview of all the visitors in a graphical format generating live data of visitors within the premises, status of visitor passes, pre-registered visitors, new visitors, etc.

Frequent Visitors
Regular visitors such as couriers, suppliers, customers and maintenance staff visit the organization regularly and the COSEC VMM keeps records of all the visitors aiding the individual in charge of entry at the premises to track the visitor information in the records and eliminate the need for data re-entry in preparing visitor pass. This features saves time and eliminates date re-entry cutting improving efficiency of the organization in all aspects of the VMS solution.

Visitor Reports
Admin or the security personals can generate a wide variety of reports such as visitor pass validity and status, visitor punch details, pre-registered visitors, visitor access denied, blocked visitors, expired passes, etc. that could be useful for different requirements of the organization and also create a strong database of the visitors. These reports can be exported in numerous file formats including PDF, CSV, Excel, Word and RTF to best fit the organizations requirements.
Some of the visitor reports that can be generated are-
Head Count, History, Watch-List, Pass Validity, Pre-Registered Visitor, Pass Status, Visitor Punch Detail, Enrollment Status, Expired Passes

At Adax we provide solutions for companies in all scales that acquire our solutions for their organization. The VMS Solutions we install are designed and tailor made for individual organizations taking into consideration various factors related to that specific organization. Adax is proud to be partners with some of the largest and prestigious vendors in the field of security and business management organizations that create unique quality products trusted by clients worldwide with the likes of Ozak and Matrix. Our false proof solutions help in creating a smooth VMS Solutions that works efficiently and effectively in all conditions and markets around the world, however the clients we cater are in middle East mainly in Qatar & UAE