What is Access Control Systems
The term access control refers to the practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorized persons. Physical access control can be achieved by a human (a guard, bouncer, or receptionist), through mechanical means such as locks and keys, or through technological means such as access control systems like the mantrap. Wi

A complete Video Conferencing portfolio to and from any network without the need for an expensive network upgrade. We are able to install and ensure a low latency HD Quality multipoint video conferencing over IP with award winning software solutions that creates a stable network solution that can be customized to suits the needs of every individual business organization. The unique integration of plug-and-play HD camera systems and HD phones alongside the easy-to-use cloud-based conferencing software ensure we deliver a meeting experience like no other. Video Conferencing is a form of conducting a conference/ meeting with the use of both audio and video to help connect groups of people in two different locations. However, it varies from video calls as itís a system used for a large audience when compared to one to one conversations. Collaborating telecommunication equipment to achieve an efficient system with professional help to reduce time and improve efficiency at work places in different industries

Multipoint conferencing
This is a solution working parallel with multiple end point users with the use of a Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) and a result of interconnecting calls from various sources to create a single meeting point.

Video Conferencing Modes
Voice Activated Switch (VAS) is a system that is able to detect the person speaking and the location of the person speaking will be displayed.
Continuous presence displays a multiple area on the screen with MCU creating one image which will be on display during the conference.

Impact on Business
VC connects individuals and businesses in different locations at a short notice, saving both time and money. Skilled labour can work together from different parts of the work place on a particular project with the use of a VC system.

Reducing travelling not only saves money but also acts as an environmental friendly practice for a business organization. A well branched out organization or business with operations in multiple locations with the introduction of Cloud conferencing system has reduced cost, creating a new market for VC.

Adax is able to produce a diversity of solutions designed to accommodate the demands of its clients with specifications to produce a perfect Video Conferencing solution.

Features of our Video Conferencing Solution

  • Inviting individuals to your meeting with the use of a variety of devices from mobile, desktop or office systems that creates a platform for multiple user in a business organization of any size or form.
  • Adax ensures optimal allocation of all resources in our solutions similarly we will install a system that will have multipoint conferencing facility.
  • The solutions we provide are compatible with standard based and third party endpoint, this flexibility of our solutions eases the user and the hassle of having to restart the process of configuring old and new conferencing systems.
  • Cost effective conferencing experience, optimizing the bandwidth helps manage cost in the most effective way. This simplified method of savings adds up value to the business organization.
  • Our solution capture video and presentation for both live streaming and on demand viewing. These videos can be recorded and used in the future for a variety of applications.
  • The multiparty conferencing solution with high quality HD quality images adds clarity and quality to the level of communication within the organization.
  • The conferences can be virtualised and personalised to create a unique experience that helps to improve the effective of the level of communication within the business organization and other individuals or parties involved.
  • The video conferencing is a simple web interface that is convenient with an easy editing and sharing mechanism. And the integration can be done as per the demands of the client.
  • This ensures productivity with a combination of audio, video and web communication that works together in creating an environment that excels in delivering a state of the art conferencing system. Adax will guaranty a solution like no other, having partnered with the best vendors in helping business to improve sales and the level of communication in a competitive world. Adax has installed video conferencing solutions for high profile clients with cooperate requirements between sites and offices in a variety of location across borders, we are able to support HD camera in large quantities and still ensure utmost quality in our solutions.