What is Access Control Systems
The term access control refers to the practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorized persons. Physical access control can be achieved by a human (a guard, bouncer, or receptionist), through mechanical means such as locks and keys, or through technological means such as access control systems like the mantrap. Wi

Time and attendance system

Biometric readers
The biometric readers have in recent times developed a secured environment which requires surveillance. Biometric authentication is used in time attendance and works along with access control for identification purposes. The use of these secured system helps in improve greater accuracy and reduce the false/ fake rate of entry to a secured location unlike its previous prototypes system of passwords and PIN entry.

Finger Print Recognition
Award winning finger print recognition reader that is able to work efficiently in all conditions. The accuracy rate of this recognition solution is almost perfect and is one of the well-established time attendance systems.

Palm vein reader (PVR)
The vein in our palms are as unique as our fingers, retina, iris and so on, with cutting edge design that uses world class recognition technologies and the ease of use has made palm vein readers one of the fastest growing solutions for time attendance and access control.

Smart/ proximity cards
Radio frequency identity cards and proximity cards are recognition solutions that enable to quicker and easier access for various levels and scale of operation, these cards are generally used as a part of the access control and time attendance systems or could be used individually as a system on its own.

Our punch- in devices can be used to both control and monitor with the above input methodologies, our solution software is able to record these readings in a centralized system which ensures an effective solution. The cosec Time attendance management software is able to work with the hardware that retrieves the information produced at the access points.

These devices and methodology help business in many ways
Reduce cost
All business organizations will be able to the level of operation and these devices are connected to a system that is able to provide real time information and create various reports that help in making productive decisions.

Minimize compliance risk
Every organization have policies and set of rules that are to be followed with regard to payroll, attendance and other policies that could affect operations and wages to employees, with our time management system and devices we are able to guaranty an accurate update of information and an assurance to implement policies very efficiently.

Improved and efficient attendance management system
The system works independently and in a centralized manner, however to improve the possibilities of this solution companies can have centralized systems which in turn can help reduce data entry at several levels within the organizations or in different locations of the organization. The process is simplified with timecard tracking, data entry and approvals. This helps reduce administrative time associated with attendance exceptions and employee’s inquiries.

Our devices are able to work across various diversified platforms that can suit business organizations in various locations in a building or locations across an area or a set of different locations. Our solutions are able to help business organizations use any form of connectivity to create a centralized real time system that ensures an improved productivity within the organization.

The connectivity in our devices are integrated to work with any of the following methods:
Poe connectivity

Our attendance devices also support and are transfer attendance data through mobile sim cards without any internet connection and LAN connectivity. The data transfer can be done with any of the above methods and customized to create an environment in any work place that is able to operate efficiently in all given scenarios.

We also support solutions for more complex integration with existing EPR and worker’s payroll management software, job costing software, human resource management software and complex shifts management systems. We provide complex time attendance solutions for a centralized time attendance solution.
Multiple site
Remote site

Managing this work force with efficient and effective system requires a smooth time management system in place as this could the changes in profits. The amount of time spent on a non- automated time management system can create a lot of a series of problems and the number of data entry process which can be inaccurate and cost the company money for hours which were not efficient.

Features of our time Attendance Systems
Organizations vary in their policies and practices of activities within their organization, the aspects of business operations will be different. Our software by Matrix Centra is able to create customized policies and implemented those practices across all the devices ensuring the systems are in place with all its employees of all levels adhering to the changes.

Entry and Exit modes
Entry and exit mode can be selected from the hardware device terminals depends on the situation which eliminated the need of separate exit readers.

Working Hours
The working hours can be monitored providing HR the most accurate hours worked and report generated in calculating various pin point data. Over Time Policy Statement.

Overtime Policies
The OT reports can keep the management updated on the hours of work done by staff which acquire OT during working periods. Matrix Centra Cosec will help management evaluate and forecast budgeted figures which will create an efficient decision making process.

Compensation Policy
The organizations can create policies to calculate complex calculations which defer between departments and levels of management in the compensation process of various business activities

Policy for Absenteeism
The software is able to be customized to include policies of absenteeism which will in turn implement the practice. This will ensure an efficient management of leaves and days absent.

Shifts and Schedule
The software is able to incorporate methodologies that is able to control the way the shifts are scheduled taking into consideration the:
Break time, Grace time, Off days and Repeat days
Providing additional assistance for the management for an efficient allocation of man hours.

Holiday Groups
The matrix system is able to simultaneous organize various groups of employees in different department, regions and countries within an organization. This will enable a complete control of the solution that matrix provides.

The software developed can be customized to send alerts via phone, computers and other devices in notifying management of any breach of the policies with regard to time attendance that has been implemented in the system.

Time Management
Labor management is one of the most important operation of any organization, a well maintained asset can add great value. The simplicity of managing such an activity relies on the tool used and the accuracy of its performance will determine optimal productivity.
Manual or semi-automated systems are in place in many organizations to help them monitor and control the expense that approximately add up to 60% of total expenses, a good controlled and monitor time management system will be the difference between profit and loss for an organization. manual systems are subjected to human error and a non-perfect scenario. This time consuming practice will add reduce efficiency of the work force plus create hassle that could be erased with the implementation of an automated time management solution.

This is the software that runs our systems in creating a system that reduces labor cost with the implementation of working policies for individual organizations with a centralized solution that synchronizes the information obtained via the data collection devices. cosec centra simplifies many of the time consuming jobs in an organizations time management system.

Data Entry
Timecard tracking
Updating policies

This in turn reduces administrative time associated with attendance and simultaneously reducing cost of operations with accurate up to date information available across all platforms.

Adax gives the client various solutions that implements an automated time and attendance system which is able to record data and generate productive reports that help management make decisions. This leads to a reduction of time and cost of administrative work plus producing a much efficient and accurate information. The company policies can be embedded into our systems and our software solutions are able to work with a centralized system to implement the policies across the organization within a very small period of time. The time attendance data is captured and stored in a fully automated time management system.

Our solutions can work for organizations of any scale, we provide various software solutions to create a dynamic solution for any scale with the data available between our platform and third party software applications.

100 Licensed Users.

1,000 Licensed Users.

10,000 Licensed Users.

Adax is able to provide customized soft that works along with organizations in generation wide variety of reports plus that help in construction a work force that is alert as they are being monitored for their performance with the use of devices that produce accurate information. The complexity of our system ensure a database of upto a million users across the system.

The Cosec Centra time management software by matrix is one of the most advanced software solutions in the market with a great level of flexibility and an advancement in technology like no other in the market. System integration is very easy as our system is able to work along existing systems in place to reduce the cost of implementation for organizations. The software works smoothly with third party applications. This has been one of the highlights of our solution.

We have implemented this solution across many organizations of different sizes and requirements in various working conditions that have been tested, its quality and functioning of the system has not been compromised.

This information can give you hundreds of reports to help you increase your productivity, at Adax we have been helping companies large and medium size organizations manage an efficient time attendance system, implementing a smart system across the middle east. This is done by analyzing their current situation and proposing an appropriate workforce and labor time management solution.


  • Leave Reports
  • Absence Reports
  • Late Reports
  • Visitor Reports
  • Overtime Reports
  • Shift Reports
  • Labor allocation Reports
  • Job costing Reports

These are some of the most basic reports that our system is able to provide and with the information available to the management they will be able to generate further more information which will be customized and be for the use of individual organizations.


  • IP Based System
  • Centralized Real Time Data Monitoring
  • Automated Credentials Distribution
  • Automated Push Events via Device to the server
  • Multiple Languages
  • Wide Range of Connectivity via Ethernet, PoE, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/LTE
  • Support Door Lock on PoE
  • Notification across all devices
  • Scheduler Functionality
  • Customize over 150 Reports
  • Third Party system integration at all levels
  • IP65 available for outdoor usage

Time Attendance Devices
Our hardware devices work together in various functions to improve and implement an efficient systems of recording information gathered with the use of our hardware devices. The selection of hardware available is able work with both biometric and smart cards in the modules available with our solutions.

The biometric access control time attendance devices we provide are top of the range devices recognized and awarded for their scope in aesthetics and engineering of a top of the range hardware solutions. Our hardware has been tested in extreme conditions and situations to survive and perform an efficient job considering the usage of our products and the working conditions the hardware has been installed.

Our products have been reliable and with the diversified range of designs and technology used it has always managed to perform multiple jobs with the use of a single device and thereby expanding the function of our solutions.

Door Controllers
These devices are installed at the entry and exit to capture information of the authorized entry personals at the particular time of work. The devices are connected to the server via our systems resulting with an updated real time information. The devices at the access control points can capture data via biometric and Radio Frequency (RFID). Some of our products have been divided into various series to act as a customized solution for various organizations with different requirements.



  • Ethernet and RS-485
  • USB Port for Wi-Fi, 3G/4G and Data Transfer
  • Auxiliary Input and Output Port
  • Advance Access Control Features
  • 500,000 Events Storage
  • Controls 75 Door Controllers
  • 25,000 User Templates

Enroll - Card / Finger

  • Finger and Card Enrollment
  • Fingerprint Verification
  • Comprehensive Software
  • Finger Image Quality Check during Enrollment

CPM (Card Personality Reader Modules)
Cards Support

  • Low Frequency (125KHz): EM, HID Prox
  • High Frequency (13.56MHz): MIFARE 1k, MIFARE 4k, HID iCLASS 2k/2, HID iCLASS 16k/2, HID iCLASS 16k/16

COSEC power supply battery backup is used to supply power to the door controller. It is available in two different variants.

  • Supply Power to Door Controller when Mains is not Available
  • Useful for Mobile Application
  • Supply to Door Lock and Exit Readers

Wired and Wireless Connectivity
Featuring Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connectivity, our door controllers offer extra flexibility in designing a security solution while reducing installation and maintenance costs. Compared to conventional access control system, wireless and IP based connectivity provides lower cost per door using existing network infrastructure and improve reliability and performance.

Auxiliary Input and Output Ports
Matrix COSEC door controllers have multi-functional supervised auxiliary input and output ports to control various applications. Input devices such as motion detectors, fire alarm panels, etc. and external devices like video recorders, siren, etc. can be connected on these ports. Input and output ports can be linked to enable applications like door unlocking when fire is detected, capture user photo during entries or exits of specified users.

Buzzers and LEDs
Alarms play a key role for the organization safety and security. Various alarms are predefined in the system and based on specific conditions, alarms are generated on door controllers and panels to indicate an important event, breach of access policy or unauthorized access. Both audio and visual indications are provided by means of a buzzer and LEDs. These alarms can be monitored, acknowledged, cleared and controlled in real-time.

External Reader Interfaces
COSEC door controllers have a built-in exit reader port to connect either fingerprint or card reader using RS-232 or Wiegand interface. Power to this reader is supplied from the door controller directly to eliminate the need for separate power point at the installation site.

Request to Exit (REX) Switch
In many applications only door controller is used without exit reader. COSEC has a built-in exit switch port to connect push button type switch to unlock the door.

USB for Advanced Utility
For remote location installations or where wired internet connectivity is not available, USB port on door controller and PANEL is used for easy data transfer, wireless (Wi-Fi and 3G/4G) connectivity and firmware upgrade.