Time and Attendance Systems
Organizations of all sizes use time and attendance systems to record when employees start and stop work, and the department where the work is performed. However, it’s also common to track meals and breaks, the type of work performed, and the number of items produced. In addition to tracking when employees work, organizations also need to keep tabs

Adax is a Professional Security Solutions provider who is devoted to strengthening security measures in all government and private organizations and improving the levels of solutions customized to create a safer and controlled environment in organizations that require our services. The recent rise in crime has led to the development of security devices that are able to work in the most sophisticated and complex environments. Metal detectors work along with human supervision in authorizing persons that do not possess any harmful metal gears.

Our metal detectors are suitable for a variety of applications as mentioned below:

  • Retail business as mall, shopping complexes, super markets, hyper markets, and other applications in the retail business industry.
  • Transportation locations with the likes of Airports, harbors, train and tube stations and applicable even in bus stations.
  • Places of Gatherings as in stadiums, grounds, seminars, exhibitions, parties, and other gatherings of large crowds that require tight security.
  • Places of National Security that consists of both government and non-governmental organizations which includes embassies, consulates, and other premises of national security. Heritage & Museums are locations of the government which attract tourist and the general public.These are sensitive premises that play an important role in the image of a nation that contributes towards national interest.

Our solutions are integrated across many organizations that serve a single purpose to help create a secured environment. We have successfully partnered with some of the biggest names in the metal detectors industry in help providing solutions to some of the most secured premises.

At Adax, we provide a variety of metal detectors catering to an extensive selection of clients:

Walk Through Metal Detectors
These metal detectors suit organizations with basic and serious security measures that need either temporary or permanent solutions. These metal detectors are able to completely check an individual with the least possibility to breach security. Most often used in locations that require in assisting large crowds of people in entering secured zones and are most appropriate in airports, stadiums and organizations that require higher security profile.

Hand Held Metal Detectors
They come in different sizes and with different uses. The hand held detectors can be scanner technology integrated with a variety of options to enhance the accuracy depending on the client’s requirements. They assist in smaller control of security and are often used along with walk through detectors in place that could strengthen the reach of searching. The hand held metal detectors are suitable for both small and large requirements of the organizations, as they are able to work in multiple applications.

Ground Search Metal Detectors
These are metal detectors that work with hi-end security measures or for commercial use and suited for clients in the field of detecting metal as gold mine. The ground search metal detectors are able to detect a variety of metal and used by the clients for task oriented jobs, these metal detectors help in security at large organizations that acquire an elite security setup that ensure that every aspects of the security process is secured and well managed. Most suitable for private security of places of national interest with the likes of government, military access points.

Our Metal Detectors and industrial Usage
The growth of business over the past decade in Qatar and UAE has been the fastest in the world, the amount of international business investing in this region has grown drastically creating a market for a variety of requirement that is within ISO standards helping business to operate in the most productive way. The use of metal detectors is one such equipment used by business organization in a variety of industries for their users.

The hospitality industry for example has seen a steady growth with potential market being created for metal detectors in different aspects within the organization for security reasons and to ensure a reduce cost leaks to avoid theft, mistakes and human errors in the Food & Beverage Departments. For instance, utensils could be on the garbage or equipment’s as spoon & knifes or any other equipment’s can be on this list. As human interaction is minimal at this level the only method of reducing loss or the risk of losing equipment’s is to install a metal detector. Similarly, other industries can use metal detectors for a variety of application to help reduce lose and increase security within the premises with the installation of different forms of metal detectors for their specific application.

At adax we can help and assist organizations with their requirements and thereby minimize their risks and improve their security within the premise by integrating the solutions in making the premised secured. The development in technology and the designs of our devices are modern that ensure a perfect harmonizing of our equipment in your environment.

These metal detectors are able to work in conditions best suited for individual clients. Adax can integrate many system solutions along with the metal detectors in creating a cutting edge solution. These metal detectors are design for a variety of purposes that does tasks allocated. The application of the above mentioned metal detectors operates in different ways helping organizations deal with their daily security requirements. The level of security requirements for every organization will differ and Adax is able to study this requirement, analyze the demands of the clients and their security treats as a design is then planned and presented to the client. Each solution of metal detectors will be unique as per the security requirement of the client.

Adax has partnered with the likes of garrett who produced high quality metal detectors with some of the most sophisticated technology improvements available in the market, ensuring our solutions are well received and appreciated by our clients. As we pride our solutions to be of the highest quality. We are here to help you with solutions that gives the highest quality and a secured working environment.