If you are in need of a large display with the use of LCD, LED technology to enhance the display of your company message or advertisements in the most stunning and lucrative display then we at Adax can provide you with solutions with Doha Qatar, UAE and other part of middle east that will ensure you have a perfect display package that will boast your information or advertisement displayed. Our solutions in signage have been unique and are customized in providing the client with a user experience that will show cast their message in the most appropriate display as per the client’s requirement.

Digital signage is an advertisement technique using digital display. Traditional signage is being replaced by digital signage as a form of evolution in the field of advertising. Digital signage is able to create very effectively with the use of images and videos. Digital signage uses LCD, LED and Projection technologies to produce the message intended by the client.

Digital Signage Software allows the remote management of a network via a web-based portal. Access to content and scheduling tools on multiple screens give network administrators the ability to entertain, inform, and educate audiences, from and to any location worldwide.

Purposes of Digital Signage


Our access control system works in complex situations providing complete automated solutions to exercise a fool proof system which is able to detect error and unauthorized access at all entry and exit points. A complete time spent of the employees within the premises and the areas of visit by the authorized persons can be tracked.


Competitive markets demand good and innovative advertising campaigns and digital signage has been the fastest growing method of advertising for the past years. This form of advertising using technology to display their messages helps catch great attention. The mode of display has been well received by the public compared to traditional posters and leaflets that were used to display messages. The persuasive form of advertisement helps capture large audience and digital signage with its level of interaction helps the business to attract and promote its business in the most efficient and effect method.


Organizations use digital branding for the purpose of informative advertisements, information with regard to company new products and services, information with regard to the recent updates or location change and so on. This information can help the general public to be informed about the present context of the organization. Several companies use digital boards to advertise information relevant to a variety of applications. This form of digital signage is initially setup to provide help and assistance to the public with regard to notification, hazards, and other form of information..


Interactive characteristic

  • Digital signage can be used as an interactive method of advertising that enables the client to collect data from individuals and to do research on the Product/ Business development

Social Media

  • Digital signage can work alongside with social media in creating a dynamic real time information delivering entertainment, being resourceful and acting as a promising advertising campaign

Performance Guaranteed

  • Commercial Grade display are able to communicate in the most attractive ways with a greater durability and flexibility in the solution with limitless possibility that ensures a guaranteed outcome as the effect of using multimedia for advertisements can be of great use

Real Time

  • The information on the digital signage can be edited and altered on a real time basis across various locations, the content management ensures the ability to manage screes across multiple platforms.


  • Various additional cost is eliminated with the use of digital printing as there is time and money saved with the display on information and promotions on the digital screen, this new advancement in technology cuts various costs.

Solutions for all Industries
Industries of any business with a wide differentiation in the information broadcasted or displayed can use this form of advertisement as it is able to comply with the requirements of any organization from education, construction, government organizations, healthcare, supermarkets or other retail business. They will be proposed with innovative and quality displays, media players and audio/video equipment that will help you attract the target audience.

Our proposals are based upon the requirements, the audience, budgets and goals of your organization, as we believe in helping business grow and expand with our solutions. We study, analyse and evaluate your current demands as we provide you with the best digital signage recommendation for your business needs.

Technology Solutions and Support
Our solutions are meant to help you with a complete digital signage solution that includes configurations and deploy of our solutions to help your product or brand stand out in the market. We are able to integrate your network for an efficient delivery of your content, thereby heling you select and implement an efficient solution with a cloud support if required. Our customized configuration, the warranty/maintenance contracts and the professional services helps us give you a truly tailored solution for your requirements.

Adax has worked with very prestigious brands in the recent past to design, create and implement digital signage. In an era of technological revolution, digital signage has an immense competitive advantage compared with traditional signage. The possibilities of creating innovative and creative solutions with digital signage are infinite.