Uses of CCTV or Security Cameras
Surveillance cameras have redefined security and protection of homes and businesses. The range and options of surveillance cameras available in the marketplace has encouraged their deployment in more locations, areas and facilities. The latest advances in security cameras and surveillance systems have elevated levels of security monitoring, managem

CCTV Video Surveillance

Are you interested on a CCTV surveillance camera solution that could monitor your premises at all times embedded with intelligent technology that is able to provide detailed video footage with very high resolutions that could be vital to track incidents and used during investigations, then we at Adax are able to give advice and provide solutions for security camera surveillance. The IP based CCTV systems are reliable, efficient and security of your building is in safe hands with a completely automated monitoring surveillance system.

We provide our services to all corners of Qatar and we have expanded our services across middle east and still growing to greater heights. The skilled engineers and certified engineers are able to develop creative and smart solutions to every client in a tailor made solution that best fits the clients demand. Our team of professionals have installed very high tech surveillance in some of the highest security zones in the middle east and with 100% success rate, working with partnered vendors in creating customized solutions with very sophisticated devices and systems in creating a perfect user experience with international standard security levels

Our professional engineers are able to study and analyze the case of every client and with a clear understanding of the problems faced by the current system in place, with a complete understanding of the client’s requirements Adax draws up the best solutions. These drafts are subjected to various security treats, entry and exit of personals, the security needs of every client and other factors of the level of security for the organizations. Our systems have been installed in some of the highest national security areas, multinational organizations, areas of public transportations and other high profile clients.

The role played by surveillance camera in recent past has been immense with the rise in global treats, some governments in many countries have made CCTV mandatory at the working premises. The companies not only require surveillance to safeguard their assets but use it as evidence that can be presented at courts. This has pushed the limits of the technology involved in the design and techniques of video surveillance for various other purposes and requirements.

System Integration
Our surveillance systems work with other systems integration in creating a strong, unique and centralized system. Surveillance systems are often integrated with access control systems namely swing glass flap barriers, glass wing barrier, turnstiles gates, glass doors electrical doors, lifts, elevators and this integration can be designed and installed in a technique that it works on its own. The technology available with thermal camera and video analytics helps in system integration with any access control system

IP based CCTV system integration helps in a centralized system that could be both controlled and monitored from various locations in a single premises or to connect many locations across the country that are in remote locations. The monitoring of premises in a variety of locations can be setup at the head office with a greater control of operations.

CCTV was primarily an analog signal based system, a system that faced a lot of limitation in meeting the modern security requirements and ISO Standards. The Analog based CCTV system is a “one-way” communication system that transmits signals as voltage signals. Some of the limitation are, Low picture quality, limitation to integrate with other systems, flexibility in using the current networks and requires a complex cablings and infrastructure.

On the other hand, IP based system uses digital packet data transmission of videos, CCTV system has become more advanced in recent past and it had increased its popularity in the surveillance market. IP CCTV system enabled people to use current and same network which they used for other systems. Most advanced integration with other system with the likes of access control, alarm system, building management systems and so on. With the introduction of video management software in the surveillance security industry, it has helped to get a lot of analytics features in CCTV security system. Using high mega pixel cameras in CCTV system made forensic investigation much easier and advanced. Market witnessed production of many high resolution cameras which use low bandwidth. When VMS companies started working with advanced video compression algorithms like H.264 and H.265, High resolution Video security cameras have become feasible for the security industry. These things reduced cost of network infrastructure and the cost of storage space, thereby ensuring that everyone can own an advanced and useful system.

Although currently majority of the market share is analog CCTV system, IP based network CCTV systems are expected to take over in the near future.

Monitoring Camera
Cameras are the devices that capture images and videos of an area or an incident. Cameras often comprises of lens and sensors. When selecting a Surveillance camera, it is important to keep in mind the following:
The location area to be covered as in the inside of a premises or outside area.
The environmental condition of the CCTV installation. For example, ports or at high temperature levels and so on.
Area and angle of required view for the camera, it could be a single view or 360-degree view etc.
Lighting condition, what to see, distance to focus and many other factors which could affect the decision making at the draft stages.
Accordingly, we need to select the cameras types with different sensor, lens and housings. Required Pixel density also can be considered.

Network connectivity devices
This part of the IP CCTV system often include, network switches and network cables. Selection network switches depend on the number of cameras, amount of bandwidth in every location. Cables can be selected according to the distances and the choice of cable material will depend on the client’s requirements and the drafted plans of network installation. Decisions will vary depending if its fiber or copper cables.

Video Management Software (VMS)
This is the brain of any IP based CCTV system, which process the captured data from CCTV cameras. The captured videos are transmitted as digital data through network devices and in technical term known as video management software(VMS). This CCTV processing software is able to record, monitor, report and integrate CCTV video footages. There is a wide list of features embedded to this CCTV software that could help create a very efficient system. Such analytical features include
Number plate detection software is an example of a module of VMS
Face detection software module
People counting or head count modules etc.
Many reporting features and integration features are available in all modern CCTV recording software.

Recording Devices
This is where all processed video footages are archived for future investigation purpose. People use Storage Are Network(SAN), Network Attached Storage(NAS), Internet Small Computer System Interface(ISCSI) units depends on the purpose and requirement. The Network Video Recorder(NVR) or Digital Video Recorder(DVR) also can be used. Specialized CCTV recording storages are now available in the industry.

Monitoring Tools
Comprises of Client PC or workstation with VMS client software. This is where people access and do investigation on the recorded CCTV footages.

Types of Video security camera
Dome Security Cameras
Dome shaped Camera were given their name for the unique structure. Dome cameras are commonly used inside premise as a surveillance security solution. At certain instances it is used as an outdoor camera too as it varies mostly on the criteria and clients demands. The dome cameras are modern, stylish and blend in any environment.

Bullet Type Security Cameras
These cameras are used in outdoor applications and they are very powerful camera which can operate in a wide range of options and use the most modern technology in the surveillance camera technology. These security cameras come with long range infra-red lights and outdoor housing and shaped like a rifle bullet. Some of the most traditional surveillance camera follow this design.

PTZ Cameras
These cameras possess the ability to do Pan, Tilt and Zoom hence they are known as PTZ cameras. They Can do operated either automatic or manually and these cameras can be configured taking into consideration the location and the purpose its installment. Such type of cameras mainly used in big venue monitoring purposes. One of our biggest installments were done at the Qatar Port Management Company Project with various other camera solutions integrated in creating a secured surveillance solution.

Thermal Cameras
Those are cameras that detect image or movement with the use of thermal radiations. Such cameras are most often used at high security applications like border control and defense security. Monitoring is possible at all complex situations, an extreme darkness and long distance are circumstances that can be monitored with a thermal camera.

Apart from this, Security monitoring cameras are available subjected to client requirements, like wide angled cameras where we need to select wide sensors, Varifocal CCTV cameras enable special focusing to an object, Low light sensitivity Security cameras can monitor in extreme low light. Infra-red beam light cameras, Vandal resistant and weather proof security cameras etc.

Qatar economy is booming, one of the fastest growth rate in middle east with an increase in the flow of large multinationals and the development towards the football world cup. This drive has created a market in need of security and safety measures to be in line with international ISO standards. The requirement of large organizations and government entities is having a secured environment within the work place and the rise in global treats had pushed all entities and organizations to strengthen its security levels. To create an environment that is false proof. The government has implemented several law enforcements on the level of security systems within organizations.

The ministry of Interior Qatar (MOI) has setup requirements that are to be met by these organizations as a standard requirement of operations of CCTV Video Surveillance within the country. Security system department (SSD) of ministry of interior (MOI) in the state of Qatar has rules and regulation to be abided by surveillance integrators, Adax has been one of the first companies to be approved for this license from the ministry of interior for the installation of IP CCTV camera system in Doha Qatar.

IP CCTV Systems / Network Video Recorder (NVR)
Adax has partnered with some of the world’s leading vendors and agent’s in providing solutions for IP and analog based CCTV systems with the likes of Sony, Avigilion, Axis and with system integrators like Matrix we are able to provide cutting edge IP CCTV solutions to a clients and organizations at various security levels. All of our vendors have complete line of IP based Surveillance systems that have set industrial standards for image quality and performance. Most of our products are based on image sensors that provide high quality of pixels’ resolution for our CCTV camera Solutions with a higher frame rate.

Adax is an authorized partner for many major IP CCTV Surveillance Camera, CCTV video Management software and CCTV recording storage device manufacturing companies like Luxriot, Avigilion, Axis, Mobotix, Milestone, Sony and Axxon to provide a stable and reliable security monitoring solutions and systems in Qatar.

Construction Site Monitoring Cameras/ Time Lapse Snap Shot Cameras
Do you want a timely solutions update on the conditions of your site and snapshots of your construction site?
Our solutions are extended to a variety of applications that are able to monitor and create a unique surveillance solution. At Adax we provide reliable and stable solutions both monitored and secured with some of the most recognized products and practices available in the surveillance industry. The advancement in technology has risen over the past few years, Adax has always been well equipped with the latest trends and technology updates working with vendors all around the world in all aspects of the operations.

The time lapse site monitoring surveillance solutions that captures progress snap shot of the construction sites has become a much welcomed technology to the industry and with the recent development in surveillance and security requirements requested by the government officials it is mandatory to have systems which enable secured monitoring of the premises at all times.

We work with Oxblue, a company considered to be one of the best time lapse site monitoring enterprises which can provide detailed high-resolution images and high-definition time-lapse movies. This gives the client the opportunity to monitor and keep track of the progress made on projects which can give details captured at every moment of the process. The Oxblue installation can work as a monitoring and marketing tool that would benefit organizations at different stages of the construction and pave way for unnoticed faults that could be improved.

The time lapse video can be done automatically by the camera software or it could be a work of art by the client who are able to use the software as per their requirements and the end stage of the projects Oxblue will provide a time lapse video edited by their professional team of editors. This provides the flexibility for organizations to keep a loop on every stage of construction

Oxblue provides high resolution industrial use camera that will be able to capture images in the complex of situations, the camera varies from 6-24 MP that could be zoomed to get clarity in the images taken at a particular period in time

Our turnkey solutions can be fitted with solar power panel and full mounting kits to withstand adverse environmental conditions of construction sites and some of the stand out features in our solutions are:

  • Large, high-definition construction site snapshot photos
  • One-click access to the functions you'll use most: for example, select images, pan-and-zoom, and play high-definition time-lapse movies
  • An intuitive experience with a crisp, clean look and feel
  • A Lifetime construction camera warranty
  • Environmental controls (heater, blower and defroster)
  • Rugged, weather-proof aluminum enclosure
  • Wide-angle lens standard

Adax is considered a market leader in providing cost effective and reliable IP CCTV Solutions in Qatar, UAE and middle east. The variety of brands we work with and the complex market solution we have provided our clients has made us a reliable supplier and solution provider. Having worked with some of the largest clients with the highest industrial standards expected at every single detailed installation. Our set of highly skilled professionals are able to provide you with turnkey solutions installed with ISO standards in some of the highly populated and secured areas in the country.