What is Access Control Systems
The term access control refers to the practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorized persons. Physical access control can be achieved by a human (a guard, bouncer, or receptionist), through mechanical means such as locks and keys, or through technological means such as access control systems like the mantrap. Wi

Large organizations with large staff facilities acquire an efficient CMS that provide canteen facilities for their employees. This can be an activity that can produce a lot of waste and mismanagement, the staff canteen was managed manually until recently management systems are in place to create a greater experience in cafeteria dining. The comfort and efficiency of a canteen management depends on several key issues which need to be dealt with utmost importance as food service is a sensitive that could have direct consequences on the staff moral and mentality.

Traditional CMS manually handled are time consuming and the food wasted are barely controlled. The monitoring process is limited with manual systems nor is it convenient in making reports and helping management in decision making. Maintaining manual records can be a hassle resulting with an admin cost and time that could otherwise be savings with an efficient CMS. The food waste can be both controlled and monitored with an efficient CMS system in place that is able to provide the management with information and reports that will enable the management to make efficient decisions in improving the operations of the cafeteria.

Our CMS are able to study the canteen requirements of any organization and generate reports in assisting the management at various levels within the decision making process of the canteen management. The Matrix Cafeteria management systems have been designed with many issues taken into consideration at the developing stage to tackle issues related to food waste and a smart system that is able to detect occupancy, the food preparation, food preferences and so on. The matrix centra platform that is common among some of their other modules with the likes of time attendance module, access control module, job costing module and visitor management module have been used in this particular CMS module in creating a smart system.

The Matrix CMS is able to work in some of the most sophisticated working environments with diversified nationalities and food serving standards. Food waste is an issue faced by most of the CMS around the world with many of the organizations unable to control and reduce the amount of waste. Our Matrix CMS solution is able to work efficiently helping the management in reducing food waste upto 20% and significantly improving the efficiency within the cafeteria improving its method of operation with a much controlled flow of queue. Our check-in systems gives a greater consistency in identifying and recording vital information of head count, nationality, food preferences, food timings, daily occupancy, departmental variations and is able to create a variety of reports that forecasts information.

How our CMS adds value to your business?
We have A Canteen Management System specially designed to deliver High Quality systems that work in reducing cost and food waste with an improvement in the efficiency level within the cafeteria.

The check-in counters are able to work efficiently with log in credentials that authorizes entry to the cafeteria premises and at this point the management can give the option of self-ordering machines which could help reduce the flow of traffic personals at the cafeteria.

Employees can be provided with pre-programmed Smart Cards that are able to make cashless payments at canteens check-out counters or system of direct debit from their month end expenses. These are policies that could be integrated to the CMS for any given organization.

The best part is that your data is safe even during power cuts. Matrix Canteen Terminals come with a resourceful back-up flash drive and this gives the opportunity to switch back to manual without the fear of any loss of information.

CMS systems installed by Adax can be centralized with upto date information from various location to a centralized server that will help management in controlling a wider area of workers across multiple locations.

Advantages and benefits of matrix Canteen Management
Use attendance data for preparing and cooking food
Transparent system
Automated data transfer
Cashless, coupon-less operation
Less manpower
Reduce wastage of food and reduce cost
Improve quality of service and reduce leakages and arguments
Save HR time, reduce errors and improve productivity
Speed operation improves efficiency and capacity
Reduce cost

How it works?
Step 1 : Order using touch screen/ other Input devices
Step 2 : Payment both Postpaid or Pre Paid options
Step 3 : Receipt collection
Step 4 : Food collection over counter

Key features of matrix cafeteria and Canteen Management Solutions

Customizable Menu
Multiple menu options that can accommodate a staggering 255 menu items.

Menu Schedule
Companies can schedule menu for various times of the day and for different days of the week with special menu for events and occasions.

Auto-Selected Item
This function is useful when the cafeteria serves one item as the complete lunch/dinner meal or offers the most selling items as a default item. One item per menu can be defined as a default item and it will be displayed on the top. User need not navigate through the menu to order but the auto-selected menu is pre-determined.

Cashless Transactions
With Matrix COSEC Cafeteria/Canteen Management system, employees can make postpaid and prepaid payment options that could be integrated with accounts software.

Refund Requests
It is possible that when a user orders an item shown in the menu and cafeteria is unable to serve it due to shortage in stocks or other reasons, in such situations refunds will be done within the systems ensuring that the employees arenít penalized.

Balance Recharge
Staff can recharge their prepaid accounts with cosec card enroller or smart card enrollment devices.

Food Planning
This helps companies to reduce food wastage by planning the day to day consumption from the information available or collected.

Blocked Users
Companies can block or black list employees who are no longer entitled to receive cafeteria services within the organization

Consumption Status
Each employee can see and take report of their consumption status, they can use employee self-service portal.

Integration with Printer
Matrix cosec can be integrated with any third party printer, like thermal printers.

Export Data to Payroll and Billing Software
All data from Matrix canteen management software can be exported to payroll and billing software enabling organization in payroll calculation, and cost per employee calculation.

Informative Reports
Administration, HR and finance can generate 30+ informative cafeteria reports by applying various filters to monitor both individual or department usage, daily and monthly food consumption and expenses. They can also analyze item-wise consumption and transaction details. Reports are available in various formats like PDF, Excel, Word, Text, RTP and CSV.

System Integration
Matrix employee food management software provides solution integrated with such Matrix biometric or smart card reading machines, resulted a fully automatic solution for staff canteen management system.

At Adax we provide one of the most user friendly Cafeteria Management systems (CMS) systems designed considering the end users of the product, tailor made solutions enables Adax to work with vendors in the market with both simple and sophisticated requirements in creating a unique CMS solution. Our hardware and software are flexible in creating a perfect CMS solution for any organization with the ability to study and generate reports for the management. These reports will help the management control and monitor the cafeteria in a more efficient system in place reducing waste and saving time of the employees at work. An efficient CMS can be integrated with countless application that boost the productivity of the management. We have successfully installed CMS and received positive impact of our solutions in increasing the productivity of the activities related to canteen management. Our solutions can be integrated in various applications best suited for the organization.