What is Access Control Systems
The term access control refers to the practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorized persons. Physical access control can be achieved by a human (a guard, bouncer, or receptionist), through mechanical means such as locks and keys, or through technological means such as access control systems like the mantrap. Wi

If you need a boom bollards or parking block solutions in Qatar or UAE that can assure you with a quality solution, look no further than Adax. We have operated in some of the most sophisticated working environments with high profile clients who require only the best quality solutions and we have successfully completed the projects with positive reviews. Our solutions have been installed across many premises of national security and in a variety of malls and commercial business building across middle east.

Our Bollards and blocking solutions
Our Security and Parking Solutions that suit various applications for both commercial and residential users. They are ideal for drive ways, parking space and access control management, these are applicable for vehicle access management and high end security requirements to control traffic and provide an authorized entry access control system. These automatic rising bollards are convenient and a fast growing access control device.

The boom bollards and Parking space guards can be supported by various technologies varying from Remotes, RFID cards, Smart Cards and other access control software sensors. The techniques of controlling this barriers and bollards can be operated with number keypad entry or designed for an Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), the RFID tag supports this application.

Types of Bollard and Parking Systems
Fully Automatic Retractable Parking Bollards
Security Bollards are perfect system for high level of security and protection for drive ways and pathways. Retractable driveway security posts are very easy to use. This is an automatic, hydraulically operated bollard that offers superior aesthetics. It has a very high impact resistance made of cast.

Semi-Automatic Retractable Parking Bollards
This type of bollards are controlled by motion key setting that can lock and unlock, a simple push will ensure the bollard retracts and sinks into the ground and the bollard is remotely controlled for it to rise back to its original position above ground level.

High Security Bollards
Often suitable for security applications like airports, borders for controlling access and are with great impact resistance capacity. These are some of the most commercial usage bollards that support highest security requirements.

Removable Bollards
Bollards used for temporary access control, with a turn of a key the bollard can be fixed and removed from the surface. These are bollards most suited for short term that are convenient.

Fixed Bollards
These are permanent cast iron structure fixed in roadways, pathways to control traffic. Usage of these permanent bollards are to act as a road and pavement separator or to keep tress passers away from private/ government property. These are in areas which does have entry of exit pathway or drive through.

Parking Slot Reserving Bollards
Hydraulic bollards used to reserve private parking facilities, VIP parking spaces, Special parking slots. Originally for both commercial and residential usage.

Our access control software is able to support many applications that are able to efficiently control the bollards in a smooth manner that suits the clients demands. The system integration is done with the use of readers both smart card readers and biometric readers with either remote and push button solutions. Adax is able to integrate any form of access control devices which will create a quality solution with window based RFID stickers, sensors, loop detectors etc.

At Adax we have provided solutions for high profile clients and some of the most sophisticated solutions using most of the best products from vendors known for quality and set ISO standards in the market. In Qatar we have been able to provide many organizations of national security and large organizations which acquire bollards and parking blocking solutions to create safe and secured working environment with a flexibility to their operations.