What is Access Control Systems
The term access control refers to the practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorized persons. Physical access control can be achieved by a human (a guard, bouncer, or receptionist), through mechanical means such as locks and keys, or through technological means such as access control systems like the mantrap. Wi

Interested in having a smart and stylish turnstile or flap swing barrier gates that suits your environment, providing security for your business premises with an innovative cutting edge solutions and a centralized design to both control and monitor People access control in the form of a sliding glass flap barrier or automated turnstiles gate solution.
If you are looking for an access control solution to provide you with complete monitoring of your premises with a smart speed gate solution.

We at Adax provide organizations across Qatar and UAE with a quality installation for turnstiles gate, Sliding hidden glass gate, flap barrier, automatic hidden swing gate access systems with the use of both biometric and smart card readers. As a leader in security solution across the nation we have expanded operations to other parts of middle east with the scope of providing creative security and business solutions to organizations.

Our Solutions
The solutions of automated turnstiles gate and smart swing flap barriers are implemented as access control systems to authorize entry for visitors and other stakeholders or the general public to control the amount of people entering the business premises. The solution best fits in controlling large crowds perfectly fitting an environment with large entry personals as in the case of stadiums, factories, commercial complexes, metro stations and other public transportation stations, office lobbies and other venues which acquire large number entry personals.

At Adax we believe in quality solutions that help in doing the assigned job in the most productive and efficient perspective, the access control systems we provide in authorizing both entry and exit in creating a safe environment is of the highest standards with certified engineers and are tested to perfection. The variety of flap barriers and turnstiles we provide in our solutions is vast and they accommodate the demands of clients with a variety of requirements and tailor made integrations. This hardware is controlled by efficient software that is able to generate a numerous number of reports in providing the management with information that will assist in decision making.

We assess and analyze the security requirements of individual client taking into consideration with treats and problems of every aspect of both installation and the access control implementation criteria’s. The analysis will help the technical team in creating a solution accommodating flap barriers and turnstiles from world class vendors. The likes of Ozak in our list of vendors gives a lot of weighable in creating a solution with world class standards and a quality in our installation backed with trained and skilled employees.

System integration done in a variety of techniques for clients, existing system integrations with currently the clients having a system in place but prefer a better solution to create a secured and upto date solution. The access control like swing glass gate barrier, steel turnstiles, boom barriers will require software integrations and Adax is able to work with visitor’s access management software that work along with both contact / contactless smart card readers and long range smart card readers. These systems can be integrated to work smoothly with biometric readers to best fit client’s requirements.

Our flap barrier and turnstiles operate in both directions and are suited for handicap entry. These barriers are installed to support smart card, swipe access readers, biometric access reading machines, token acceptors or other remote devices, push buttons that authorizes a clean contact. It has sensor which can control passageway with automatic half-height swing doors, allowing comfortable contactless access, It can be remotely controlled and it is compatible with access control systems standards-serial interfaces, print, smart card, palm vein readers and electromagnetic door access control systems.

We are able to provide cutting edge access solutions integration hardware and software with the highest of its class. The industrial leaders in turnstile and flap barrier is Ozak and using these vendors at Adax we are able to provide solutions for clients in construction, public and other large organizations which acquire our services in Qatar, UAE and other parts of middle east. Having successfully completed many high profile projects in Doha Qatar we are proud the quality of our services.

Turnstile Gates and Flap Barriers we provide
Flap Barriers
These access control gate barriers are for interior commercial use often suited for large offices or buildings which acquire an access control gate that is fast and stylish in an interior that requires a barrier to fit in a modern design. A flap barrier is a sleek and purposeful access control device that suits the modern business environment.

Swing Glass Flap Barrier
This kind of Physical access security gates are often used in the lobbies of an office building to control and monitor authorized entry. Swing Glass Flap Barriers can be integrated with smart card readers like RFID card that works with swipping technology enabling access to visitor or other personals. This type of flap barriers is also used in metro stations and other large crowd based public places.

Retractable Flap Barrier
Our retractable flap barrier offers premium impression for building pedestrian access control gate. Flap barrier allows wider opening to allow users with big baggage to pass through. Ozak flap gate can be integrated with RFID card reader or biometric fingerprint reader for maximum efficient pedestrian access control speed gate.

Optical Swing Glass Flap gate
This series of flap gate barrier provides a combination of reliable mechanical as well as electronic restriction for unauthorized visitor while still maintain a welcoming atmosphere. Access control and time attendance reader can be integrated into flap barrier to improve accuracy of reporting.

Hidden Swing Gate
This type of Smart gate Lane is an aesthetically pleasing, barrier free optical turnstile solution for high rise buildings, government centers, education campuses and corporate headquarters. The models are designed and built to withstand a rigorous access control environment while offering graceful passage. The Turnstile has been designed with smooth, modern lines to blend with a variety of building architecture. This barrier free optical turnstile is designed for interior applications.

Turnstile gates are commonly present in situations that requires controlling a mass of people entering to an area, Entry or exit can be restricted through the use of biometric or smart card readers. Card punching records from the software can give specific entry and exit registration of the people at each door.

Tripod turnstile
Turnstiles that can be used for access control reception and entrances to an office and building, these tested technologies regulate smooth flow of people. Our tripod turnstiles are compatible with many leading card reader brands. The turnstile body has a sleek and modern design that suit various applications. The main body is constructed from gauge carbon steel with thick base plate that is protected with a tough industrial-grade black powder coat finish.

Half Height turnstiles
These are ideal solution for good interior access management with stylish swings turnstile gates effective for managing flow of people and visitors with precise recording of all entry and exit activity.

Waist Height turnstiles
It is the perfect waist-high turnstile for a variety of applications, ranging from athletic facilities, cafeterias, schools, amusement parks, stadiums, and office buildings. Its elegant yet rugged design has been built to withstand the abuse of a mass transit system while maintaining a price that is affordable to businesses at all levels.

Full height turnstiles
These types of turnstiles are widely used in outdoor premises for barrier free access management for people and visitors. Series units can be engineered to meet all your security and control requirements, and operate as stand-alone units, or as part of an integrated system. Available in stainless steel, powder coat or a hot-dipped galvanized finish, these units can be fitted for any application with leading edge technology and features.

Moveable Turnstile
Portable is the perfect waist-high turnstile for a variety of applications, ranging from athletic facilities, cafeterias, and schools, to amusement parks, stadiums, and office buildings. This portable unit comes with a sturdy, non-slip diamond tread base plate, stainless steel guide rail and wheels for easy relocation of the turnstile.

Smart Card readers that support our Turnstile and Flap Gate Solutions in all conditions and applicable for the most sophisticated installments

Matrix Cosec Vega FAX
This Biometric access control device supports finger print reading, smart card, Pin pass words, WIFI, battery backup, POE connectivity, GPRS Sim card data transfer. All of these functions with a touch display.

Matrix Cosec DCFE
DCFE Biometric finger print access card machine supports finger print scanning, smart cards, Pin passwords, battery backup, POE connectivity. This is one of the most suitable access control devices for an outdoor solution.

Key features of our Visitor Access Management Software (VMS) module which can be integrated with Smart sliding glass gates and turnstile barrier gates:

Visitor Pre-Registration
Matrix visitor management software working along biometric and smart card readers integrated with automatic smart gates, you can pre-register the visitor online to save hassle and time during visits. COSEC offers a pre-registration page on the ESS where the host can enter visitor details, including name, organization, date, time, purpose, and so on. Security would know all the pre-registered visitors for the day and keep visitor passes ready saving precious time and helping a well-organized pattern of work.

Software makes system easy to use and secured application with very user friendly Interface.

Visitor Pass Creation
Matrix COSEC CENTRA Visitor Management offers options to create either an e-pass with access rights or a paper pass for a visitor. Security person can create customized visitor pass with visitor name, photograph, organization name, contact details and escort name. Visitor Management is able to maintain records of all visitor property brought in for the visits and identification for proof of security requirements.

With Matrix visitor management software, E-mail or SMS notifications can be tailor made to suit the company policies.

Visitor Access
COSEC CENTRA Visitor Management allows enrolling visitor's fingerprint or RF card to permit access to only selected areas where the visitor is scheduled to go protecting trespassing and safeguarding company assets.

Visitor Escort
Escorts are necessary for many high-security organizations like science and research laboratories, defense, intelligence and detective agencies, government offices, banks, finance and consultancy firms. COSEC CENTRA VMM offers option to select an escort for every visitor to accompany the visitor to his meeting point. In such cases, visitors are required to show their credential followed by user's credential in a specified time period to allow entry.

Visitor Dashboard
COSEC CENTRA VMM offers security person live dashboard giving him a quick overview of all the visitors in a graphical format providing live data of visitors who are inside the premises, status of visitor passes, pre-registered visitors, new visitors, etc.

Frequent Visitors
Admin or security can generate various visitor reports such as visitor pass validity and status, visitor punch details, pre-registered visitors, visitor access denied, blocked visitors, expired passes, etc. These reports can be exported in various file formats including PDF, CSV, Excel, Word and RTF.

Some of the visitor reports are>

  • Head Count
  • History
  • Watch-List
  • Pass Validity
  • Pre-Registered Visitor
  • Pass Status
  • Visitor Punch Detail
  • Enrollment Status
  • Expired Passes

Key features matrix access control module integrated with our turnstiles and Flap Barriers using biometric and smart card readers:

Access Control Modes are available at Adax’s disposal to meet clients’ demands. A variety of modules can be used ranging from biometric, RFID Cards, tags and so on. One or more of these identification methods can be used individually or integrated with other devices for an access point to increase the level of authorization.

First-In User/ Multiple Person Access is a system which works with the entry of access only if the authorized first entry person or two persons with authorization entry is present at a time of entering a particular area.

Man Trap is a system developed to regulate the flow of authorized individuals or to restrict the number of entry into premises at a given time period. This system is designed for a situation which consists of two or more doors that work as a complete system to create a secure access control system.

Guard Tour facilitates enforcing vigil patrol of security guards or such pre-fixed movement of other people. The guards have to show their credentials at defined checkpoints at specified time periods. Guard Tours can be programmed to cover all required locations in a specific sequence. Deviation can also trigger immediate notification or alarm.

Dead-Man Zone is a system of control that is essential to track the physical safety of an employee who is working in hazardous environments like railroads, mines, chemical labs, etc. Dead-Man Zone makes it compulsory for the employee to confirm his presence at pre-defined intervals. Failure to punch within the pre-defined duration may activate an alarm to draw attention. This feature can also be used to ensure guards remain awake during night shifts.

Anti-Pass Back is a system developed to prevent deceit in the use of an access control smart card. A smart card will be programed for a single entry and the exit system prevents a second entry into the premises with the use of the same card as the first entry, thereby, the element of passing an access control card is eliminated. This prevention method not only strengthens an accurate security solution system but also gives an exact head count of personnel in the premises.

  • Global Anti-Pass Back works with an integration of the entire premises.
  • Local Anti-Pass Back works individually within a particular given space

Do Not Disturb (DND) is a function which restricts the entry of personnel until the access control is acknowledged by the people using the office space or level. This is ideal for conferences or within floors to adopt privacy within teams or groups in an organization. DND can be programed with an override rule which permits top management access.

Route Based Access control ensures that a specific route is followed by the user to restrict the use of unauthorized pathway in high security zones. This can be ideal for third party entry with a specific job in an allocated location in the premises. It prevents drifting from the instructed route.

Occupancy Control system is limiting the head count per allocated space. Entry of allotted users will trigger the system to block further entry. This access control feature best suits a scenario with limited space and high flow of personnel.

The Matrix Cosec is able to manage upto 65,000 devices in a network via centralized software supporting a million users at a given time. The system is able to provide specialized solutions for data center racks, vehicle management systems, multiple locations control requirements.

At Adax we have partnered with some of the best known vendors of turnstiles and flap barriers with the likes of OZAK and our renowned Matrix software gives a smooth operation of these devices with the utmost efficiency in creating a perfect solution for your organization. Adax has successfully installed these solutions across Qatar and UAE in high security zones with very high profile clients. Our quality solutions have been trusted in many industries across the middle east. Contact us to install the best suited turnstile and flap barrier at the most affordable cost and the highest quality available in the market.