Time and Attendance Systems
Organizations of all sizes use time and attendance systems to record when employees start and stop work, and the department where the work is performed. However, it’s also common to track meals and breaks, the type of work performed, and the number of items produced. In addition to tracking when employees work, organizations also need to keep tabs

We provide a wide range of Arm Gate Barriers and swings for various applications that acquire protected privacy and to control the flow of traffic in both commercial and residential requirements. We also provide slide gate operators that could be used as access control devices. This equipment’s are applicable for industrial usage to improve the access control within various premises hence monitoring and controlling of authorized entry in large organizations. The security barriers help in controlling vehicle transit in public parking areas, car parks and also it is an ideal solution to act as an access control or blocking device for flats or building entrances.

The automated vehicular gate barriers can be tailor made to best fit clients demands and configured with elements to work in different environments and complex conditions which acquire additional specifications to work efficiently as intended. Our Arm Barriers can be supported by various access control techniques which help in controlling and authorizing entry to the restricted areas and such techniques are smart card technology, Long range RFID card readers, biometric entry, remotes and push button technology. These technology is able to provide clients with the most recent technological advancement in security working with some of the best vendors in the world. One of our primary vendors is BFT an Italian based vendor who follows ISO standards and is considered of the market leaders in the production of Arm Gate barriers.

Solar Panels and Battery
Our automated gate barriers can be integrated with solar panels and battery backup technology which ensure efficient functionality of these arm barriers to protect the system in situations subjected to power failures and blackouts. These arm barriers can be similarly use the smart card, RFID readers, remotes, push buttons and loop detectors. The use of this backup solution will benefit the organization to ensure a smooth system with a very well protected access control solution.

System Integration
OArm Gate barriers can be integrated into other systems and solutions in creating a customized security solution which suits both high and low profile client with basic and sophisticated requirements. Some of the systems that can be integrated are parking management systems, parking guidance systems, long range readers, RFID card readers, ticketing software, automatic vehicle access management software and number plate recognition software. The system integration can be done with existing systems or a new design can be drafted and presented.

The system integration is done partnering with Matrix software and biometric and smart card readers along with the Arm Gate Barriers from BFT. The matrix software is a world renounced leading software company that develops comprehensive visitor’s management solutions (VMS), access control solutions, time attendance solutions, vehicular access management software. This software’s are ideal for both security and hospitality industries. The Arm Gate Barriers by BFT is reliable and innovative with some of the most advanced technologies used for a well-controlled security solution that is able to withstand the flow of traffic and authorized entry.

These world class vendors help Adax in providing a world class solution for parking management and other uses of arm gate barriers and Adax is able to integrate many solutions in creating a centralized access control device that produces quality and efficient systems.


  • Optional Barrier Speed
  • Barrier Arm’s Length extensions
  • Articulating arm options
  • Flexible configurations
  • Loop Detectors
  • LED indicators for informative status updates
  • Manual and fully automatic operation
  • Integrated logic controller
  • Power Failure – Automatic Drop Arm Raise / UPS installation
  • Maintenance Service

Are you interested in a vehicle access management solution at an affordable price with some of the most advanced arm gate barrier technology with the possibility to not only control and monitor but also integrate into systems which can be configured into any other access control solutions in creating a unique, centralized and false proof security solution. At Adax we provide the highest quality Arm gate barrier solution with BFT, a renounced arm barriers manufacturer and software integration from Matrix in creating a perfect symphony for your organization across Qatar, UAE and Middle east.