What is Access Control Systems
The term access control refers to the practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorized persons. Physical access control can be achieved by a human (a guard, bouncer, or receptionist), through mechanical means such as locks and keys, or through technological means such as access control systems like the mantrap. Wi

Access Control System and time and attendance system installed in Doha, Qatar. Adax installs all types of access controll systems such as biometric, finger print devices, door access control, HID Long range readers UHF RFID readers,card punching machine employee attendance, employee attendance management systems, flap barriers, bollards, turnstiles, gate barriers etc. Brands include essl, matrix, bosch, honeywell, Samsung, nedap.

Automatic access control pathways controlled by electromagnetic doors that lock and unlock with authorized entry with information feed into the devices at the access control points with the use of RFID smart card scanning devices and biometric finger print machine. The centralized access control system can create reports detailed to the help the organization create a secured work place.

If you are interested in an access control system engineered to provide an efficient, productive and secured working environment then Adax can help install a physical security access control solution with a state of the art system to prevent unauthorized entry at every level of the business organization, Adax has successfully completed many access control project across Qatar and UAE in a variety of industries with diversified requirements. Our access control solutions are able to not only control and monitor authorized personals but adjust to the market needs and work as a smart system solution to secure all aspects of work place but also work in collaboration with other solutions to help management create a centralized system across a place or region.

The Qatar market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world with a great degree of attention given to the safety and security of an organization. Large multinationals and joint ventures present in Qatar involved in the development of this nations acquire high standard of security solutions. Adax has been ahead of its market providing high quality security solutions in Qatar. Specially access control being a vital part of physical security solutions with our skilled professional team of engineers who are able to analyze the scenario of individual clients and access the security levels. The systems work efficiently with an automated time keeping technique that tracks, monitors and controls all stake holders who enter and exit the premises at all times.

Our access control systems work simultaneously with other system integration such as Surveillance Camera, flap Barriers, Turnstiles Barrier, Glass Doors, Electrical Magnetic Doors, Lifts, elevators and so on. These low cost applications will help in creating a countless variety of reports that could assist the management. In Qatar and UAE, we have installed various applications integrated in producing an access control with the help of cutting edge technology.

Why Automated Access Control Systems is vital for an Organization?
The arise in security requirements in every part of business operations and the arise in the level of treats has made it mandatory for organizations with security concerns to improve the information of people/ stakeholders that enter and exit a premises either business or government organizations. The strategy to developed a trusted access control system that can work efficiently and hence create a secured working environment. This is for both data security and physical security to be secured at all times. Monitoring and controlling of access to the premises will reduce the risk of fatal security failures.

In any organization there will be employees, visitors, clients, government officials and other personals who enter and exit the premises during different times and access different levels of the organizations. This information can be used to monitored and in creating a system that tracks the process of individual entry and entry within the premises at all access control points. The entry of external personals will need to be registered at the time of entry with their personal identity recorded and their whole process within the organization monitored, similarly employees will need to be tracked, their whereabouts during the different hours of the day. This complete tracking of the organization will create a smart access control system.

Find out how our tailor made Door Access Control System are distinctive and considered to be the best in both Qatar and UAE market
Our software, the Matrix Cosec developed by Matrix Centra Enterprises is a smart and proactive access control software that works with planning and optimum utilization of resources in any given organization. The Matrix access control hardware devices working along with Matrix Cosec software is able to generate various reports that suit the individual organization in catering to their specific needs. Systems can be tailor made by every organization to best fit their company policies, their culture and their stakeholders.

Centralized system ensures that all the access control point of the entire organization in either various locations or in different levels within an organization are collected and available at a single point. These systems work with all methods of input both biometric and RFID card readers or other access control devices. A centralized reporting for all the multiple sites will reduce the work load of admin with a single report generation point from all the remote sites and branches. All our systems are connected to LAN and are IP based access control solutions which enable centralized monitoring and controlling of the entire system.

Our access control system works in complex situations providing complete automated solutions to exercise a fool proof system which is able to detect error and unauthorized access at all entry and exit points. A complete time spent of the employees within the premises and the areas of visit by the authorized persons can be tracked.

Our Access control solutions have been customized to cater the Qatar and UAE markets, taking into consideration the available case studies. The unique encounters and their faults to perfect an access control with a solution that best fits the clients in the market. Our access control hardware and software solutions are both created in a distinctive method to with stand the issues faced by the Qatar and middle east markets.

Controlled, flexible and secured access control for the business, its employees and its assets will strength the level of security in the operation. The diversity of the access control system ensures the product to be installed in small, medium and large organizations. The system works both on its own and can be centralized to efficiently work in organizations of any scale and perimeter. Government organizations, public nonprofit organizations, education and health firms, financial institutes in all areas and regions can profit from our access control solutions. Our web based access control solution provides unlimited opportunities for all businesses.

How Software is used in Managing Door Access systems and Solutions
Use of biometric readers like finger print machines, palm vein readers, Mifare cards and smart cards resulted the full automation of door security access control management systems
The door access entry and exit devices are able to provide organizations with reports that can help business organize, control and monitor the users of the path ways. Complete automation helps business to be proactive when engaging with the topic of security within the organization. Our matrix Cosec software is designed to protect unauthorized entry and exit plus help in providing information to the management beyond acting as a simple access control device.

The system integration of hardware and software with a centralized system ensures optimum efficiency in the access control devices installed.

Who, When and Where are the three factors considered at the time of designing an access control solution specifically for every client as this three information will determine the level of security, the access points in an organization, the feasibility of our hardware and it will help Adax recommend the best possible access control solution for the client. The study of the above three criteria’s will determine the features that will need to be installed to the system to improve the access control system. Some of these additional features will be:

Access Control Modes are available at Adax’s disposal to meet clients’ demands. A variety of modules can be used ranging from biometric, RFID Cards, tags and so on. One or more of these identification methods can be used individually or integrated with other devices for an access point to increase the level of authorization.

First-In User/ Multiple Person Access is a system which works with the entry of access only if the authorized first entry person or two persons with authorization entry is present at a time of entering a particular area.

Man Trap is a system developed to regulate the flow of authorized individuals or to restrict the number of entry into premises at a given time period. This system is designed for a situation which consists of two or more doors that work as a complete system to create a secure access control system.

Guard Tour facilitates enforcing vigil patrol of security guards or such pre-fixed movement of other people. The guards have to show their credentials at defined checkpoints at specified time periods. Guard Tours can be programmed to cover all required locations in a specific sequence. Deviation can also trigger immediate notification or alarm.

Dead-Man Zone is a system of control that is essential to track the physical safety of an employee who is working in hazardous environments like railroads, mines, chemical labs, etc. Dead-Man Zone makes it compulsory for the employee to confirm his presence at pre-defined intervals. Failure to punch within the pre-defined duration may activate an alarm to draw attention. This feature can also be used to ensure guards remain awake during night shifts.

Anti-Pass Back is a system developed to prevent deceit in the use of an access control smart card. A smart card will be programed for a single entry and the exit system prevents a second entry into the premises with the use of the same card as the first entry, thereby, the element of passing an access control card is eliminated. This prevention method not only strengthens an accurate security solution system but also gives an exact head count of personnel in the premises.

• Global Anti-Pass Back works with an integration of the entire premises.
• Local Anti-Pass Back works individually within a particular given space.

Do Not Disturb (DND) is a function which restricts the entry of personnel until the access control is acknowledged by the people using the office space or level. This is ideal for conferences or within floors to adopt privacy within teams or groups in an organization. DND can be programed with an override rule which permits top management access.

Route Based Access control ensures that a specific route is followed by the user to restrict the use of unauthorized pathway in high security zones. This can be ideal for third party entry with a specific job in an allocated location in the premises. It prevents drifting from the instructed route.

Occupancy Control system is limiting the head count per allocated space. Entry of allotted users will trigger the system to block further entry. This access control feature best suits a scenario with limited space and high flow of personnel.

Smart Identification works in an environment that provides access to a group of individuals, ideally a work place which requires accurate information. The Smart card can be embedded with employee details that work along with the other credentials. The system can then use the access control information to be combined with confirming the identification process.

The Matrix Cosec is able to manage upto 65,000 devices in a network via centralized software supporting a million users at a given time. The system is able to provide specialized solutions for data center racks, vehicle management systems, multiple locations control requirements.

Door access control Hardware Devices
Despite our strong software we do provide a high quality hardware machines that supports various credentials like biometric finger print identification, smart card identification, palm vein identification and all our devices are network based.

Cosec Vega FAX
This biometric finger print reader simultaneously supports smart card and Pin Entry Passwords, with a cutting edge touch screen, WIFI, battery backup, POE connectivity with GPRS Sim card data transfer options available for the client’s remote locations. Such devices are highly features access control machines that can be used for complex requirements in sites that lack communication connectivity and we can use sim card that will enable GPRS data transfer from these remote locations to the reporting office. The Cosec Vega FAX devices is able to work in conditions that do not have power source as it supports battery backup and does not acquire a separate power cable.

Cosec DCFE
Access control device which support finger print scanning, smart cards, Pin passwords, battery backup, POE connectivity. This is considered to be an IP65 Device which can be used in the most challenging environmental conditions. The DCFE is a sleek and stylish hardware device that harmonizes with the design of the installed area.

Cosec DCFM
Matrix Cosec DCFM biometric machines are the units which support Mifare smart cards with finger print scanning, Supports POE. The DCFM device is a highly secured Mifare technology based card that will.

Cosec DCFI
Devices which support HID prox smart cards with Biometric finger print.

Palm vein Reader
These are palm reader which support WIFI and LAN connectivity.

Matrix Cosec NGT series
This is a biometric device at the highest level of access control device with a large touch screen and a monitoring camera to capture image of the user, this state of the art designed biometric device supports smart cards with works with all forms of connectivity.

Access Control Gates and Doors
Flap Barriers
These are access control gate used with access control machines in hallway and lobbies to control authorized entry into the facilities with a large pathway. The swing gate/ flaps act as the barrier that opens / slides at the moment an authorized user is present with the right coordination of his credentials to enter the premises. The barriers are integrated to the devices that operate with smart cards or biometric readers. The use of these inputs then authorizes the user to enter and exit within the allocated space. Information of these entry and exit is registered in the cosec system which could be used to generate various reports. Some of the best scenarios flap barriers are applicable are at metro tube stations, large working buildings, and other building which acquire a well design access control device that looks great with a stylish interface and yet provides the access control principle function expected of the device.

These are similar to the above mentioned flap barrier however it’s a less stylish device compared to the sleek design of the flap barrier and it’s a device used for large users entry and exit points. Turnstile uses metal poles which turn enabling the user to move forward across the access point providing entry. These devices work with both smart cards and biometric readers. The cosec software is able to restrict entry and apply the data fed into the system as for the preference of exit and entry of the users.

The above mentioned barriers work in any organizations entry and exit of personals and the cosec is able to record this information and produce highly productive reports and compared to the traditional access control with the use of security guards to check, record and approve these devices are able to act smart and reduce time and improve efficiency in the access control of the organization.

Parking Arm Gate Barrier
The arm gate barrier or known as the drop down barrier is able to restrict the vehicle entry and exit at parking slots. The solution can be integrated with card readers or other devices to suit the demands of the client’s needs. The access control arm barriers can be installed with features to improve the efficiency of the system such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition Camera (ANPR) that can record every vehicle that passes the access point, such integration can help the organization to strengthen its access control plus help in reducing crime and improving productivity.

Electro Magnetic Doors (EM)
These are access controlled doors that works with the use of electromagnetic, an authorized user will be able to unlock the door once valid proof of identity is presented to the access control device with either biometric of smart card. The EM lock can be integrated to doors of any scale or material it could be glass, wood, steel etc.… Details of the entry and exit users can be obtained from the Cosec software system that is connected to the solution provided. These access control can be fitted with other applications as in the cases of elevators or other access control points. We have successfully integrated carious EM lock access control solutions across the middle east and Doha, making us one of the well-established organizations for access control in the region with some of the best vendors associated with our operation.

Our EM Locks supports
Biometric finger print recognition devices and palm vein readers the EM locks we provide are able to support smart cards with the mostly likeliest being RFID cards. The Connectivity of our EM locks are able to operate with POE Connectivity, GPRS, WIFI, LAN. Therefor the EM lock we provide are very convenient for the clients as the existing products can be used to create an efficient and effective access control solution.

Adax provides comprehensive, modular, and reliable systems for access control and time management using renowned systems and solutions with positive reviews from every industry. At Adax, we provide profound access control systems integrated with surveillance systems, flap/ turnstile barriers, electrical magnetic doors, elevator access systems, and other forms of access control hardware devices developed towards the improvement of security levels for specific organizational demands. We help our clients to track and record access details to produce a variety of management reports.

Contact us to have the most appropriate access control solution for your organization that helps in creating a well-managed and secured working place within your organization.