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Major Components of Public Addressing Solution


These speakers are used to send audio signals to large audiences. Our advanced PA Speakers in DSPPA include sound projector, ceiling speaker, garden speaker, wall mount speaker, horn speaker, column speaker and Wi-Fi speaker. Designed with Wide frequency (90-18,000 Hz) ensures durability, quality in sound and keeps in shape. They can be applicable to a variety of situations and area depending on their back ground and sizes with the likes of park, petrol stations, public transport, schools, camps and so on. There are different types of speaker available depends on the uses, purposes and type of announcements to make, like outdoor type speakers, horn speakers, ceiling speakers, hanging speakers, loud speakers, wall mount speakers, column speakers are some of the examples.


The PA Amplifiers are most often used in places which covers mass areas incase or evacuation or providing information with the likes of schools, hospitals, stadiums and so on. The method of operation is taking energy from a power supply and modulate the input signal so as to enhance the output signal. The Amplifiers are most often high voltage from 70V- 250V as it presents losing signal in long distance transmissions.


The modules can be customized in creating a solution that is able to work with fire alarming functions for every emergency broadcasting, alarms and public announcements. The use of such intelligent PA solution will help the organization be proactive in case of emergency.


These smart PA systems can be controlled remotely with our PA system interface supporting unattended operations, partition management, emergency broadcasting and these solutions can support multi system operations and parallel operations. PC-link PA System consists of remote router, CD player, signal matrix, paging selector, pre-amplifier, emergency panel, etc. Among them pre-amplifier, paging selector, indirect speaker selector, CD player and emergency panel are most important.