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Adax provides IP Telephone/ PBX / PABX system for the companies and business organizations in Qatar

Being, one of the leading telecom solution companies in Qatar, We are an established supplier of reliable office IP telephone system in Qatar, we will be able to provide you with an easier and cost effective office pbx system which enables the user to communicate hassle free

Our expertise in providing office telephone System expands as an integrator, installer and supplier of small scale to large scale business telephone system and hybrid telecom solutions in Qatar.

We use the best available telecom solution in the market, Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel ,Panasonic and Matrix have been brands trusted and used around the world for IP telecom solutions. At Adax we also provide companies with Hybrid PBX / PABX Telecom Systems that is a combination of both IP and Analogue telecom systems working together in creating a solution that best fits for any organization that requires an efficient and economical telecom system for their business operation.

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How our IP Telephony / PABX / PBX solutions for Hotels and Motels are distinct for Qatar and UAE Markets?

The specialized IP PBX solutions we provide for the hospitality industry is both guest centric that improves the professional service, thereby improving the guest experience and the systematic hotel structure. The customized solutions are able to create a unique user interface that provides an automated hotel operation that helps their staff to respond within the organization premises Read More

Our IP PBX telephone solutions have been successfully installed across many locations in Qatar and UAE

With our matrix IP PBX solutions business and offices We are able to provide complex integrations with sophisticated client requirements that might acquire very detailed technical support, our skilled professionals are trained and certified in the field of telecom system operation, hence we are able to create a quality solution in all aspects of our installation. We can install VoIP system and solutions in multiple sites or in remote locations and create a centralized system that is connected to the main office. This ensures a greater connectivity and an improved telecommunication solution within an organization Read More

Features of Office Telephone System We Provide,

  • Universal platform where traditional technology meets future reach IP technology
  • No feature base license policy only Application base licenses
  • Mobile Application without any additional License
  • Built-in CDR reports, Call billing and budgeting features
  • Built-in Hospitality features and ready direct integration with Micros Fidelio PMS software
  • In-Screen GSM on all PBX platform
  • Built-in Auto-attendant with 16 different voice commands and can up to 5 Stage IVR
  • Range of Gateways products with different combinations of FXS, FXO, GSM, PRI etc.
  • Wireless PBX with more flexibility
  • Enable you to create VPN tunnel between site-site or site to client

How We Add Value to You As an Office PABX System installer in Qatar

Our skilled, trained and certified engineers are able to deploy creative and efficient communication networking solutions to every clients with customized features that best fits their business telecom requirements.

We have installed complicated IP PBX systems / PABX Systems for enterprises, business offices across Qatar. We are Working with partnered vendors and companies in creating unique Telecom solutions with very stylish, hi tech devices and systems in creating a perfect user experience with international telecommunication standard.

We use the best available telecom solution in the market, like Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel , Panasonic and Matrix which have been brands trusted and used around the world for IP telecom solutions.

At Adax we also provide companies with Hybrid PBX / PABX Telecom Systems that is a combination of both IP and Analogue telecom system working together in creating a solution that best fits for any organization that requires an efficient and economical telecom system for their business operation.

Our professional engineers are able to study and analyse the case of every client and with a clear understanding of the problems faced by the current system in place. With a complete understanding of the client’s telecommunication requirements, we draw up the best solutions. These drafts are subjected to various company infrastructures, networking circumstances, and other factors affecting a seamless connectivity.

Our IP telecom systems have been installed and integrated in some of the largest business offices and multinational organization in Qatar and UAE.

Preciously on our Telecom System

The IP telephony systems we provide consists of IP PBX Telephone Solutions / PABX Telecom systems that could improve the level of productivity and the profitability of an organization. The introduction of our Telecom systems has helped to reduce phone bills and create an easier platform for communication within an organization.

Type of IP Phones

Hardware based IP phone or SIP phone

A hardware based SIP phone looks like a normal phone. However, it is connected directly to the data network and has an integrated network hub so that they can share the network connection with the computer

Software based IP phone

They are application based soft phones that give all the features we get out of hardware phones.

Our Telecom System Devices

Despite our strong software, we do provide a high quality hardware machines that supports various credentials like biometric finger print identification, smart card identification, palm vein identification and all our devices are network based.

Matrix LE PBX System


Matrix LE PBX System
MATRIX PE Medium Level Telecom Solution For Business Offices

ETERNITY PE is a versatile IP-PBX platform based on universal slots architecture offering variety of...

MATRIX PE Medium Level Telecom Solution For Business Offices
MATRIX Telecom Office-in-a-box Solution for Small Businesses

MODEL: NAVAN CNX200 MATRIX TELECOM Office-in-a-Box Solution for Small Businesses and enterprise branch offices with up to...

MATRIX Telecom Office-in-a-box Solution for Small Businesses
AVAYA IP Deskphone

Designed for walk-up users in building lobbies and other public spaces, the 1603 supports three...

AVAYA IP Deskphone
CISCO Business edition Telecom

Built on proven Cisco technology, the Cisco Business Edition Telecom 6000 (BE6000) family offers much...

CISCO Business edition Telecom
Panasonic IP PBX Telecom Solution

As business communications advance, the KX-NS1000 large capacity IP communications platform enables organizations to unify...

Panasonic IP PBX Telecom Solution

Tailor Made Solutions

We offer specialized gate ways, Multi-channel SIP gateways offering seamless connectivity between VoIP and PSTN connectivity. FXO - FXS gate ways offer 4 to 32 FXO FXS to connect TDM based telephone to IP based telephone system Read More

At a glance,

we offer IP Telecom / IP PBX / PAPX telephone solution that provides the user experience and deliver ease of use telephone terminals. We offer a range of IP and SIP phones based solutions which is on cutting-edge technology and latest telephony features. The SIP/IP Phones are available in entry-level phones to premium desk phones that is supported by sleek and stylish state of the art touch-screen display. The Telecom solutions we install are of prime quality guaranteed in providing a sustainable telecom solution. Our solution is spread across the Qatar and UAE Markets.

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