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IP Based PA System Improves Audio Solutions

IP Systems is integrated with all of the new technology in the security industry, the Public addressing (PA) systems and intercom systems are being the new markets which has adapted to the IP Technology which comprises several benefits to the systems with easy integration, easy deployment, and self-diagnostic capabilities. One of the most favorable value added to the systems has been the clarity in broadcasting. The IP PA System consists of many components, however the loudspeaker is the main component for output and the speakers are accompanied with a built-in amplifier and supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), this connects directly with an IP network with a single network cable for both communication and power.


The advancement in IP PA System had enabled an auto speaker test function that is capable to check if the speaker is operational. The speaker has pre recorded audio files and also allows users to upload their own audio message if need be.


The PA and intercom systems are often deployed in challenging environments such as vehicles and outdoor space. The weather, vibration and vandalism can be real issues, hence the devices are designed to beĀ  industrial standard or hardened to withstand such conditions. Certain cases require vandal resistant units or industrial grade products, and places of high security zone might require further alterations. The manufacturers are expected to focus on making products that would be best suited in extreme challenging environments. The most important feature is the clarity of sound and the intelligibility of the broadcast.


The manufacturer will have to design a product with a combination of hardware components, mechanical design and software, for example active noise reduction, acoustic echo cancellation and automatic gain control that capture, process and broadcast intelligible audio. IP system will enable hardware and software to work together in an IP-Based systems to boost the level of intelligibility.


An IP based PA System will enable a complete centralized system between the entire system with all the speakers being synchronized as one and the use of real-time synchronization like the use of ultra low latency protocols, such as DANTE, or the use of network mechanisms usually based on NTP protocol will increased the productivity of an efficient PA System.