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Turnstile Gates and Security Access Flap Barrier Gates.

Are you looking for a smart and stylish steel turnstile gates or swing flap glass barrier gates that suits your environment and providing people access with an automatic speed gate system for security access solution of your business premises?. Do you want an innovative solution for a centralized control of people access security system to control, monitor,register and track the visitors/people access in the form of a sliding speed flap gates or automatic turnstile gate solution integrated with biometric or swipe RFID smart card readers for authentication.
Is the solution requirement is for a false proof automatic smart hidden swing gate system for your lobby security access control to provide your company with a complete recording and tracking of visitors and employees or other stakeholders exploring your head office, branch office, site offices or visiting your construction sites?

We, at Adax business systems based in Doha Qatar is leading provider of high quality installation of steel turnstiles gate, swing speed gate , Sliding hidden glass gate, flap barrier gates, automatic hidden swing glass gate access systems integrated and operated with the use of both biometric finger print or Palm Vein Readers (PVR) and swipe RFID smart card readers. These kind of gates are sometimes used as smart e gate system at the ports and highly secured places. As a leader in access security solution across the Qatar, our company has a remarkable experience as supplier, installer, and integrator of such smart security access gates using flap gate barrier, hidden swing glass gates, turnstile gate solutions for many projects in Doha Qatar.

We provide above solutions integrated with varieties of access authentication scanners with the likes of biometric finger print readers, RFID smart swipe card machines,ID document scanners and so on.

Our Visitor Access Management Software (VMS) integrated with biometric access control machines and smart card readers gives a detailed report on the visitors entering your premises. Some of the visitor reports are Head Count, History, Watch-List, Pass Validity, Pre-Registered Visitor, Pass Status, Visitor Punch Detail, Enrollment Status, Expired Passes.

Preciously, We are pioneered as an integrator, installer and supplier in the state of Qatar for advanced level of Smart Security Access Projects. Our skilled, trained and certified engineers are able to develop creative and smart Turnstile and flap barrier gate solutions to every client in a tailor made solution that best fits the clients demand. Our team of professionals have installed very complicated solutions in different conditions and environments in some of the highest security zones in the state of Qatar with 100% success rate, working with partnered vendors and companies in creating customized Smart Security Access Gates systems with Biometric or Swipe RFID smart Card Devices and systems with in providing a perfect user experience with international standard security levels.


At Adax we believe in quality solutions that help in doing the assigned job in the most productive and efficient perspective, the access control systems we provide in authorizing both entry and exit in creating a safe environment is of the highest standards with certified engineers and are tested to perfection. The variety of flap barriers and turnstiles we provide in our solutions is vast and they accommodate the demands of clients with a variety of requirements and tailor made integrations. This hardware is controlled by efficient software that is able to generate a numerous number of reports in providing the management with information that will assist in decision making.

We assess and analyze the security requirements of individual client taking into consideration with treats and problems of every aspect of both installation and the access control implementation criteria’s. The analysis will help the technical team in creating a solution accommodating flap barriers and turnstiles from world class vendors. The likes of Ozak, Gunnebo, Fastlane, Boon Edam in our list of vendors gives a lot of weighable in creating a solution with world class standards and a quality in our installation backed with trained and skilled employees.

We are able to provide cutting edge access solutions integrating hardware and software with the highest of its class. The industrial leaders in turnstile and flap barrier have partnered with Adax in providing solutions for clients in construction, public and other large organizations which acquire high tech solutions and requirements in the state of Qatar and UAE. Having successfully completed many high profile projects, we have perfected the art of providing high quality turnstile & Flap Barrier solutions for the Qatar.

How our Solutions best fits your requirement of automated smart security access flap gates and turnstile barrier gates

assistance of smart and secured flap barrier gates to restrict authorized entry in large crowds of people in business environments or public locations with customized configurations of the clients requirement Read More

Turnstiles  and Flap Barriers

Boon edam Slim Speedlane Swing Gate

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Boon edam Slim Speedlane Swing Gate
Boonedam speedlane Slide Flap Barrier

The Speedlane Slide is available with a whole array of dimensional and glass choices....

Boonedam speedlane Slide Flap Barrier
Boon edam Swinglane Hidden Gate

Turnstiles that can be used for access control reception and entrances to an office and...

Boon edam Swinglane Hidden Gate
OZAK Half Height turnstiles

Four-section rotor (90 degrees) arm, Each section contains five Ø40mmx2mm, 304-Grade stainless steel (Opt. Ø42,...

OZAK Half Height turnstiles
OZAK Waist Height Turnstiles

All inputs are opto-coupler protected. Compatible with all access control systems that provide dry contact...

OZAK Waist Height Turnstiles
Optical Swing Glass Flap gate

This series of flap gate barrier provides a combination of reliable mechanical as well as...

Optical Swing Glass Flap gate

Key features of our smart access control module integrated with our turnstiles and Flap Barriers using biometric and RFID smart card readers

Access Control Modes

A variety of modules is available from biometric, RFID Cards, tags and so on, these devices can be integrated to create a centralized access control system

First-In User/ Multiple Person

Access Control is a system which works with the entry of access only if the authorized first entry person or two persons with authorization entry is present at a time of entering a particular area

Anti-Pass Back

is a system developed to prevent deceit in the use of an access control smart card. A smart card will be programed for a single entry and the exit system prevents a second entry into the premises

Guard Tour

facilitates enforcing vigil patrol of security guards or such pre-fixed movement of other people who are to present their credentials at defined checkpoints at specified time periods. Deviation can trigger immediate notification

Dead-Man Zone

is a system of control that is essential to track the physical safety of an employee making it compulsory for the employee to confirm his presence at pre-defined intervals. Failure to punch may activate an alarm to draw attention

Man Trap

is a system developed to regulate the flow of authorized individuals or to restrict the number of entry into premises at a given time period

Do Not Disturb (DND)

is a function which restricts the entry of personnel until the access control is acknowledged. This is ideal for conferences or within floors to adopt privacy within teams or groups in an organization

Route Based Access control

ensures that a specific route is followed by the user to restrict the use of unauthorized pathway in high security zones. This can be ideal for third party entry with a specific job in an allocated location in the premises

Occupancy Control system

is limiting the head count per allocated space. Entry of allotted users will trigger the system to block further entry. This access control feature best suits a scenario with limited space and high flow of personnel

Smart Identification

works in an environment that provides access to a group of individuals, ideally a work place which requires accurate information. The Smart card can be embedded with employee details that work along with the other credentials

Our flap barrier and turnstiles operate in both directions and we do have gates suited for handicap entry

when these  barriers  installed support RFID smart card, swipe card access readers, biometric access control readers, it also support integration with  token acceptors, Entry Ticket Readers, Barcode Readers or other remote devices, push buttons that authorizes a clean contact. Our systems can be integrated with Venue or stadium ticketing systems and solutions to allocate large crowds of people or visitors. Continue Reading

System integration done in a variety of techniques for clients

existing system integrations for clients with systems already in place but prefer a better solution to create a secured and upto date solution. The access control like swing glass gate barrier, steel turnstiles, boom barriers will require software integrations and Adax is able to work with visitor’s access management software that work along with both contact / contactless smart card Continue Reading


At Adax we have partnered with some of the best known vendors of turnstiles and flap barriers in the industry and our renowned access control software gives a smooth operation of these devices with the utmost efficiency in creating a perfect solution for your organization. Adax has successfully installed these solutions across Qatar in high security zones with very high profile clients. Our quality solutions have been trusted in many industries across the proud nation of Qatar. Contact our company to install, supply and integrated the best suited steel turnstile and smart flap barrier gate at the most affordable with the highest quality available in the market.

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