Adax Business Systems

Central Control Unit

All the delegate mic terminal and chairman mic terminal will be connected to the central unit to make a centralized control. it is equipped with voice recorder features to record the conference discussions.

Chairman Mic Unit

Commonly this mic is meant for conference chairman. It is Equipped with a speech button. Speech button in the ON position allows chairman to speak and Off position, the micro phone cannot be used but the speaker is turned on, allowing voice from delegates units to be monitored. By pressing the priority button, the chairman man microphone gets priority over any delegate mic.

Delegate Microphone

Placing the speech button in the ON position permits speech and disables the speaker to prevent feedback. If the speech button is placed in the OFF position, the microphone cannot be used but the speaker is turned on, allowing the voices from other conference units to be monitored.

Closed loop Ethernet cabling

This practice saves installation time and keeps costs minimal, this will ensure the quality of audio is at its best and help enhance the durability of the product. All of this with a reduced-price tag.

Stand alone or computer controlled operation

The solution ensures easy and user-friendly handling within the organization thereby adding value and the character of flexibility within the organization. The computer will guide and assist the users to ensure a smooth run of the conferencing at all times. System for Audio Conferencing can be installed in a single and multiple systems that improves the interactive aspect of the audio conferencing. Level of connective from a multiple location will increase flexibility and as it can be installed for discussion systems of several stations, the use of this conferencing method is limitless.

Closed-circuit bus and distributed power supplies

This method of power supplies will help save cable, installation time and design expense.

All in one conference controller

The solution will be position in a methodology that will ease the communication within all parties ensuring a greater method of handling a group of over 50 people in a meeting. This by industrial standards is quite an achievement, these solutions will help greater connectivity that is organized and a sense of professional conferencing within the individuals.

Operating Modes

This is for flexible conference management system with unique requirements of various organizations working practices. They will be designed to suit each business demands in delivering a satisfied audio conferencing solution. Adax will help in updating and upgrading the required operating modules after studying the use of the solution for the organization.

Interchangeable microphones

The use of interchangeable microphone ensures a maximum flexibility for any type of conference situation that results in.

Plug 'n' Play

The solution includes all components for a quick set-up.