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Being a highly technologically motivated company, We can offer you the service in terms of your requirement from the implementation of Home automation system, and office automation solution for the companies and individuals in the state of Qatar.

We, as a company expert in integration, and installation of such home and office automation system in the state of Qatar , are well accepted by many prestigious clients across various segments in the state of Qatar.

Offices use automation solution as the part of smart meeting room system and modern conference room solution where as smart home solution use system to control their lighting, AC s , shades of the living room at their finger tips .

Office and home automation system ease your life by simplifying the use of electronic devices at your office and home. Basically all the electronic systems at your place are integrated to use it as more smart.
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Benefits Of an Office Automation Solution and Home Automation System

  • Helps to integrate various systems
  • Mobile based applications to control from your finger tips
  • Energy saving solutions
  • Ease of use
  • Professional meeting rooms system

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How a Smart Meeting Room System Works?

With a professional office automation system, we can integrate various systems at your office and meeting rooms making a smart meeting room system.

For instance , imagine your lightings , screens , AC s , Shades controlling from your finger tips using an mobile app

Entire Audiovisual systems in your space that include video screen, audio systems, projectors, touch screens or any other AV system, or the security surveillance, the centralized Air Condition etc, can be integrated to one point to control, monitor and operate easily and efficiently

What We Provide in terms Of Office Automation Solution in Qatar?

Shortly , the office automation solution ,we provide can integrate, automate the systems into a single point of interaction that can be controlled with the touch of your finger tip either via mobile applications or tabs.

We provide Stable and reliable integrated meeting room and office automation solution in the state of Qatar.

Such automation solution plays an important role in the new generation of technology giving life to a variety of devices with a simple idea of integration that enables the authorized person to control the devices while being in a single point.

How Office Automation System Add Value to Your Organization

Office automation system add value to your company in many ways. Your conference room appearance and presentation systems play an important role in how you present yourselves as an organization. A high-tech conference room will always catch the attention of everyone in the confined space when compared to a traditional meeting room with basic technology. An automated office makes a long lasting impression and a professional approach to do business. An active and creative space, well managed and well-integrated will help in assisting any organization to present itself.

Advanced Smart Home Automation Solution, Making your life easy : Smart Home automation solution we provide are in line with most advanced technological systems available in the Qatar market. We make your home living room , bed rooms monitored and controlled with in your finger tips either using software based touch screen or mobile based application from anywhere in the world through internet.

Imagine a situation, you want to close or open your shades, curtains, and control you music system through your mobile app even if you are away .

With an advanced smart home system, you can control your home lights, irrigation system, air conditions using mobile based apps and software making your home smart enough.

In addition to mobile applications, You can also control all the systems at your home by remote or touch screens as well. Smart home solutions we provide are economical and affordable for any type of customers.

We have expertise in providing consultations, designing and implementation of such highly smart home automation solutions in the state of Doha Qatar.

Our partnership with many world class home automation system companies to provide such reliable and easy to use solutions for your most modern smart home made us to create a fully automated reliable system which can really ease your life. Whatever your requirement from meeting rooms system, conference hall automation solution, home automation system, we will be happy to assist you with our expertise in our proud country of Qatar.

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How an automated meeting room can help in a professional working environment

Technology has become a part of our life style and its only practical to think of implementing technology in every aspect of our operation to improve productivity and thereby have a better quality in our operations. Meeting rooms and conference rooms has become the most important area of our business as it's the place that generates the best impression of Continue Reading

Components of the Automated Solution

Audio/ Video

A clear audio and a high definition video on multiple devices creates a symphony between the devices to interactive with each other


The CCTV solutions are among the highest quality solutions we at Adax provide and integrating CCTV solution to the automated solution will be added value to the automation of the premises

Shade control

The automated shading control adjusts to the sunshine or can asses the amount of light that is required in the acquired space. The shades can be set to automatically adjust itself during certain periods of the day, or time or during different times of the year


A secured method of communication is the addition of video intercoms which can be remotely controlled with the integration of a smart office and home automation system

Access Control

Securing entry into your premises and also ensuring a well-controlled and monitored environment. Our access control solution features a variety of capabilities such as built in camera, auto door locking systems, card based entry, biometric entry, multiple user codes and so on

Lighting control

All the lights within premises or the network can be control form a single point. This can include both indoor and outdoor lights.

Phone systems

The phone integration will ensure that the simplicity in being able to answer phone calls with ease and comfort. Transferring call and complex 100+ station office systems can be well planned and design in creating a solution


The controllers within the premises will ensure that the temperature is well managed in the most efficient manner. The temperature can be controlled with the use of a remote and automatically set to vary during various times of the day or season


The automated solutions we install are able to be integrated to all devices within the particular network that helps giving notifications to the user when there are mails, calls, meetings, alerts, emergencies, messages and so on

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To End,

our skilled professionals are specialized in a variety of application from CCTV, Access Control, Telecom solutions, Networking and this gives us the liberty and the ability to excel in providing quality solution and an automated solution is all these skills combined in bringing the best of Adax. Our automated solutions use state of the art technology with the highest quality products in creating a symphony of devices helping us give you’re the best experience of a perfect environment with the use of technology in creating an automated solution in Doha, Qatar and the UAE markets.

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