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Components of IP based CCTV System

Monitoring Camera

Cameras are the devices that capture images and videos of an area or an incident. Cameras often comprises of lens and sensors. When selecting a Surveillance camera, it is important to keep in mind the following:

The location area to be covered as in the inside of a premises or outside area. The environmental condition of the CCTV installation. For example, ports or at high temperature levels and so on.  Area and angle of required view for the camera, it could be a single view or 360-degree view etc. Lighting condition if it is low light area, what to see, distance to focus and many other factors which could affect the decision making at the draft stages. Accordingly, we need to select the cameras types with different sensor, lens and housings. Required Pixel density also can be considered.

We, at Adax Qatar are very selective at a professional level in the type of IP CCTV camera we recommend for the end user to be in line with the client requirement, ISO Standards, Environment Conditions and all other factors are taken into consideration to ensure the smooth functionality of the implemented system. We have taken steps to work closely with allies from different IP CCTV companies specialized in a variety of surveillance Technology in providing the best CCTV solutions and Support in Qatar, working with world class IP CCTV suppliers such as Sony, Axis, Avigilon, hikvision, Honeywell, Matrix, Mobotix, Bosch and Pelco enables us to be a leader in the surveillance market.

Network connectivity devices

This part of the IP CCTV system often includes, network switches and network cables. Selection network switches depend on the number of cameras, amount of bandwidth in every location. Cables can be selected according to the distances and the choice of cable material will depend on the client’s requirements and the drafted plans of network installation. Decisions will vary depending if its fiber or copper cables.

Video Management Software (VMS)

2This is the brain of any IP based CCTV system, which process the captured data from CCTV cameras.  The captured videos are transmitted as digital data through network devices and in technical term known as video management software(VMS). This CCTV processing software is able to record, monitor, report and integrate CCTV video footages. There is a wide list of features embedded to this CCTV software that could help create a very efficient system. The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) detection software is an example of a module supported by VMS which enables to detect a number plate of a vehicle using IP CCTV camera technology. the face detection software and people counting modules can be integrated with an IP CCTV System using VMS Software. To achieve this milestone, we have worked with our VMS suppliers from all around the world to configuring a secured and safe environment, these suppliers have conducted numerous R&D on the surveillance technology. We have partnered with Luxriot, Milestone, Axxon and Genetec in providing a high-quality VMS solution

CCTV Recording Devices

This is where all processed video footages are archived for future investigation purpose. Prominent types of IP CCTV recording Storage servers include NAS storages, SAN Storages, ISCSI Storages and DAS Units. The Network Video Recorder(NVR) also can be used as CCTV recording storages according to the scale of projects. We Adax Qatar are being backed by major IP CCTV Storage suppliers and manufacturers made our company to be a professional installer, integrator and supplier of high end IP CCTV cameras solutions in Qatar.

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