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Adax recognizes the critical importance of an environmental sustainability to the global society. We are committed in practicing a safe and environment friendly operation in all our business activities. At Adax, we conserve the energy and natural resources to the best of our abilities as we are aware of the environmental challenges faced today.

We educate our stakeholders by providing training and information to practice a green environment operation and also take into consideration at a moment of new business opportunities.

This Policy Statement reflects Adax’s ongoing commitment to the environment.

Adax works towards the following Business Objectives:

  • Being a responsible neighbor at the places of business operations
  • Adax markets products and solutions which are safe for their intended use, and it is efficient in the use of energy and natural resources
  • Implementing solutions with low heat exhausting devices
  • Low Voltage/ Low Power Integrated solutions
  • Re-use and re-cycle all materials at work and conserving nature where ever possible
  • Working with products/ Brands associated with the use of recycled materials
  • Encouraging the complete shutdown of all equipment and lights switched off at the end of a day's operation
  • Continuous improvement in creating awareness of better environmental practices to all stake holders

Every employee and every contractor on Adax premises is expected to follow this policy and to report any environmental, health, or safety concerns to Adax management. Managers are expected to take prompt action

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Quality policy of Adax is to uphold an excellence of quality in all aspects of its operations, as the vision states Quality is of utmost importance in promising a balance in stake holders’ interest and to have a sustainability business. ISO Standard 9001:2008 are followed to ensure consistency in the quality of its operations.

Quality Solutions – Design, plan and implement solutions with creativity, sustainability and certified methods to achieve an internationally significant result.

Quality Services and Products – Providing tailored services, employing experienced and skilled professionals to deliver perfection with a combination of the finest brands in the global market.

Long term reliable cooperation with society – to be a part of c hange and development to the government and private organizations, the environment we operate and the people we work with and to safeguard the interest of the society at all times to achieve long term trustworthiness.

To Implement the Quality Policy, Adax:

  • Depends on its values – God, Country, Client, Employees and Ethics to create a strong quality cultu re in every project Adax represents.
  • Continuous Quality Management – assessment of projects to identify possible improvements.
  • Training and Education – assist and support in ensuring necessar y quality management by personnel, training, financial or by material and technical resources.
  • Feedback – retrieve information from employees, clients and sta keholders as a means of improvement for the quality of operations.
  • Motivation – ensuring involvement of the team in the process of developing, maintaining and improving the Quality Management System.

Managers are required to lead by example, setting high standards and maintaining good personal hygiene. All employees are expected to comply with the health and safety procedures to help Adax achieve the above mentioned.

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At Adax, we believe that health and safety is of utmost importance to the business as a whole. It is Adax’s stated policy, aim and objective to ensure that health, safety and welfare of its employees are protected at all times. Implementing practises and procedures designed to suit the health and safety requirements of the business operations to achieve a safe working environment. Managing and monitoring these practises both on the field and at the office to ensure the well-being of its employees.

Adax is committed to managing a safe and healthy working environment by achieving the following objectives:

  • To promote, educate and conduct training to its employees, so as to ensure that Health and Safety is addressed to its stakeholders as a vital part of business operations.
  • Adax ensures that all its employees are competent to work and provide them with the appropriate clothing and equipment in situations which require additional health and safety measures.
  • Monitoring and training the employees to help them work with comfort and in a secured working environment.
  • To take precautionary steps to identify the hazards to its employees and clients when undertaking a new project, thereby controlling and monitoring the safety of the attendants.
  • Management will consult employees on health and safety issues affecting their wellbeing, providing them with adequate information, instructions and supervision to maintain a proper health at all times.
  • Adax will comply with all Government and International Health regulations to practice a high standard of health and safety regulations.
  • Continuous improvement on health and safety policies to ensure t he progress of the employees and to minimize possible hazards.

Managers are required to lead by example, setting high standards and maintaining good personal hygiene. All employees are expected to comply with the health and safety procedures to help Adax achieve the above mentioned.

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